About Me

Hello and welcome traveler, please take a load off your weary feet
  I am glad you have stopped by and I hope you enjoy your time here… What’s that?... You wish to know more information about me?... Well since you’ve asked so kindly I will tell you a little more about me.

-I have the undeserved privilege to be a servant to the one True King

-I like to write and hope to one day publish my work

-I am very picky when it comes to reading but I do honestly enjoy reading a well written book

-Another hobby I have is drawing. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and have grown to really like it. With just a simple paper and pencil you can create a magical world limited only by your imagination

-I have a unique personality. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, more funny though

-I love to watch movies! The more action the better, unless it’s a comedy

-I was homeschooled and am now in college (sound off you homeschoolers!)

-I guess I live in the middle of everything and the middle of nowhere at the same time

-I love listening to music, you can usually find me with my headphones on jamming to whatever is playing

-I like to tinker, making things has been something I’ve always liked!

-I’m a big superhero geek. Before you go ask if I have a ‘favorite’ between Marvel and Dc, or a favorite character, know that I don’t. There are soo many cool titles and characters in each I can’t choose just ONE!

-I am learning a little/want to learn to play the Bagpipes, maybe one day I will play something for you all

Well that’s all I can think of for right now… Yes now it’s your turn… Introduce yourself, I love meeting new travelers!


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