Saturday, July 7, 2018

The first book you've ever read challenge

Hello everyone! Yes I'm back, and today I wanted to start something I hope will catch on. So today I'll be starting this challenge called "The first book you've ever read"

The rules are simple

  • Challenge at lest 1 person
  • Share what was the first book you've ever read
  • Why you read it in the first place
  • How did it inspire you to become a writer
I thought it would be a pretty cool idea if we writers would share what originally inspired us to peruse this path of artist expression.

Okay since I'm starting this Challenge I think it would be cheeky if I didn't go first, the reason is because a lot of your writers out there have read a TON of books so it would be a little harder for you to pin point the what's and way's.

So thinking back the first book I ever really read was Curse of the Spider King: The Berinfell Prophecies Series - Book One by Christopher Hopper and Wayne Thomas Batson

I read this book when in I was in my early teens, and yes it was the first novel I had ever read for pleasure (outside of homework textbooks). Reading had always been a struggle for me, recently I found out it was partly due to the fact that I'm mildly dyslectic (plus I wasn't all that interested). So with older books like Lord of the Rings and Narnia, the way things where worded was too complicated. Besides that, it never seemed like I could find a book a superhero nerd like me wanted (It was easer to read comics actually). But then one day my older sister showed me this book while we where at a bookstore. I read the back and thought this could be interesting. A plot involving seven superpowered elves that where raised on earth, fighting in against this monster called the Spider King, and all this taking place on a world not our own. My curiosity go the better of me that day. So I gave it a try and as it turned out I would really liked it and it opened me up to a whole new kind of world.

The way this book inspired me to peruse writing was that as a read it, got to know the characters, explored a fantasy world. I thought of how this book really showed me a world that was different, a world filled with interesting things to explore. That's when I thought that if someone else could create a world that beautiful just by using word. Then maybe I could create the worlds that filled my own imagination. That maybe there was someone else out there like me who wanted to go on a adventure as much as I did, but just couldn't fine the right train to take. 

That is why I started writing, because I wanted to share the same experience I had with others. I wanted to share a world with someone else.

And that's a wrap! 
That was the first book I ever read
And now it's time to Challenge some other people.
I Challenge

Of course if your not Challenged and would like to do it anyways please feel more then free to do it! 
Also I was thinking of doing another vlog this summer, let me know if that's something you would like to see
I'm sorry this post is shorter then most but it's really to hot to be on the computer where I live, but I still wanted to get something out. 

And Until Next Time, Stay True to the King!


  1. This is a really awesome idea! I look forward to doing this one. I'll have to think back to the first book I remember reading because I know I will never remember the first book I ever read. (I was always a bookdragon, lol.)

    Awesome post. :D

    1. Thanks Ivie! That's why I though this challenge would be cool a cruel, because you've all read SOOO many books :)

  2. This is a fun idea indeed, M! And hearing about your first one was cool. It's always exciting to find a book that sparks interest. My younger sister has hated reading from the get go. She had a hard time with it, and that's okay. My mom didn't want to push, because she didn't want it to become a hated thing instead of a joy. And finally, I found a series that she took interest in last year, and she re-read it like 3 times. She still isn't a huge reader, but she's enjoying it a little more now.
    And I wish I could say I always loved reading as much as I do now. But I'll wait to say more till my own blog post. ;)
    Oh by the way, I love the graphic for this challenge - what font is it? :)

    1. Thanks! That's why I thought it would be cool to see how other peoples interest was sparked. Because I know we all write differently so me being me wants to see how that all happened :) Wow that's cool! I'm sure I can relate to your younger sister with that ^_^ YES I need to see your post on this!

      Thank you! the font is Harrington

    2. It is a very interesting thing, I agree. :)
      Haha, I've got it scheduled to post Wednesday. I think you'll laugh at what my first book was - it's not very 'cool XD

      Good to know! I love fonts, and different ones are so eye-catching.

  3. Oh, yikes... I don't remember the first book I read, that was forever ago... My mom taught me to read, and from what I hear from her about it (I don't remember it much) it was a bit of a tough job (understatement). Then I picked up books and decided that I was a bookworm. I'll have to get around to this soon... Although it will probably be a little way away.... But I will eventually come back to this and write 1000+ words about it. Thanks for challenging, this will be fun!

    1. The is so cool! I can't wait to see what your post will be!!

  4. THANK YOU FOR THE CHALLENGE. I LOVE IT. thankfully I can remember the first book I ever read lol

    1. Thanks for excepting it! I can't wait to see what your post will be!

  5. I have totally forgotten it but yours looks interesting.

  6. I'm trying to remember what was the first book I've ever read haha.

  7. Hmm..I hardly remember the first book I have ever read. I think its a funny book.

  8. This is fun. I actually forget what was the first book I have ever read.

  9. I guess the first book I have ever read is a school book lol.

  10. This is a really awesome idea! I look forward to have a copy of this one.

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