Thursday, September 7, 2017

Quantum Gears-Chapter 1

     (Sorry that there wasn't a post last week. I was doing the final touch ups on this.  Today is the official lunch of my serial story Quantum Gears, Hope you Enjoy!)  
        Quantum Gears


                                                                By: Marrok Macintyre

                                                           Cover by: Marrok Macintyre

                  Special thanks to Karyssa Norton for helping alpha/beta read this mess of words!


Tito “Ty” Rossi: a red hair Italian from Marsvile. Great with a tool box and a quick thinker. Ty’s greatest wishes is to pilot a Quantum Jotun to find his mom.  

Nonnuccio: Ty’s grandfather. Nonnuccio is the Italian word for Grandfather but in a more intimate way.

Jack Rossi: Ty’s father. Was hailed as the greatest mechanic in the city until he disappeared.

Emilia Thorbound: Ty’s one time playmate from his childhood.

Mrs. Thorbound: Emilia’s mother and president of one of the Quantum Jotun facilities located in Venuseylum

Billy Peters: Ty’s best friend. Is currently being roped into the rebellion cause

Liz Winter: Daughter of the Principle of Venuseylum high. She is the very proud holder of the highest test score of the school.

Principle Winter: A relic from the last rebellion skirmish. She firmly believes all men are the cause of every problem and they should be placed under the government's ‘care’

Quantum Jotuns

Quantum Jotuns are 40-foot-tall mechanical suits piloted by women. Mainly a weapon made for the military Quantum Jotuns come in all shapes and sizes.

Ground: Made as the standard foot soldier. These units stand between 30-40 feet tall and come with an array of weapons. From missiles to rockets, guns to swords or all the above. With differing levels of armor plating they could either be a 40-foot walking tank or a 30-foot sniper.

Tidal: Modeled after sea life these Jotuns are usually around 50 feet long. Designed for water combat they can provide long range missiles fire for ground troops. Or attack enemy ships from the deep

Aerial: On the smaller and lighter side of the Jotuns these mech’s are designed to provide aerial support for ground and water troops. They tend to have two types: The streamline winded jet type And a bulkier more helicopter like model.

Golem: A very standard mech that is made for simple tasks. Usually under 25 long they pretty much make up the machines used to fight fires, mine, engineer parts, clean up, construction, logging, mech building etc.. It is also the only mech males are allowed to pilot.


Northlands: The super continent made up of Asia and Europe.

Middlelands: The super continent made up of Africa, the middle east and Australia.

Westlands: The super continent made up of North America and South America.

Marsville: One of Westlands most well-known cities. Due to the fact that it’s best known for repairs it has been unofficially dubbed “Mechanic city”

Venuseylum: The most well-known cities in the world. It is home to not only the main factory of Quantum Jotuns, but is also home of Venuseylum military high school, or VMHS for short. Students from VMHS are the most coveted in the world because all the advancements in technology and agriculture come from it’s halls.

               The year was 2070 when the last World War happened. It was continent vs continent as the struggle for the world ensued. This war for land made one thing very clear, to conquer their enemies it would require more soldiers than each country had at its disposal.

            In 2075 there was a worldwide draft. Males from the age of 15 up were drafted into the world’s largest war ever, which lasted until 2099 when finally, the blood shed ended. As the dust settled three men used the chaos to seize control of the continents. Asia and Europe fell under the control of a man that would come to be known only as the Fuhrer. The man who took Africa, the middle east and Australia was known as Nguvu.  North America and South America was seized by a man who history calls The Second Alexander, The first Caesar of America.

       With the war over the men and women who had been fighting finally returned home. Unknown to all was the fact that during the war a mysterious virus was ‘accidently’ released into the world. It was impossible to detect and once a person was infected death came for them within 24 hours. At first, the virus was found in only the men who had returned from war. But it would not stay that way for long because very soon it spread like wildfire.

       What made this virus so dangerous to humanity was that it only infected men. After losing 5% of the world’s remaining population of males, the leaders banded together their smartest people to find a cure for the virus that was destroying humanity’s  chance for survival. A year of tireless research yielded no answers, but still, they continued to search for humanity itself was at stake. For this virus was not only killing men, but also leaving the survivors of the virus infertile.

               By the time the virus had died out the population of males in the world dropped to 20% and only 15% of them were fertile. The outbreak showed the world just how vulnerable it was, and how weak men could be. So, to bring order and peace back the three supercontinents, positions of power were seized by females. Ladies who would lead the remaining people out of the darkness. This lead to a rise of super feminism as women were thrust into positions of power and given authority over the masses. The years following their ascension into power came some 5 years of peace for women everywhere.

       Things seemed to be going well. There were breakthroughs in almost every level of science, technology, and agriculture. The weak men, who put humanity in danger, were moved into areas called safe zones to “protect them” from things like viruses and other things that could cause them an untimely death.
The once mighty man had fallen to the very bottom of society, their only role within it was to make sure there was a next generation. And although the world seemed at peace a storm was brewing. For out of the 15% of men that could father offspring only 10% of those pregnancies came to fruition. And now a new problem emerged, how to keep the fire of humanity burning.  It didn’t take long for the world to see men as objects that are only to ensure the survival of humanity. So naturally the more males a country possessed the more power they held over those who had no males. Soon the camps in which the males were kept became the target for ragtag teams of the army who were sent by governors who needed more power.

      In 3005 thirty governors from each of the three nations started a rebellion to seize as many males as possible. Joining the rebellion were the men, tired of living life like nothing more than pensioners, fighting for a chance to be free again.

      Though the flames of rebellion burned brightly, they were snuffed out by the latest advancement in women's history. The Quantum Jotuns. This 40-foot-tall mech’s made quick work of the so-called rebellion, and life went back to the normal. The men were returned back to their camps, and the Quantum Jotuns had proven how useful they could be in restoring order. With that, the massed produced of Quantum Jotuns begun. Though men were forbidden from piloting these machines in fear that they would try something again.  To make sure men didn’t dare step into the mech a test was performed in which a male pilot died due to lack of Tolerance and Sensitivity only females possessed. Thanks to the drastic measures taken by the ladies of the past humanity survived and the population of man began to rise again.
In 3060 the male population had grown to about 38% and the Reintegration Act was passed in all three continents. This Act allowed the male population to have more freedom. Before this Act they were confined to the camps and could not live anywhere else, their only employment being low-level jobs. So now the male population, which had been so oppressed, traversed back into the world. But what men found as they traveled back to society was that they were no longer welcome among the female populace. For nearly a century men were the cause of humanity's problems, and that train of thought wasn’t about to die out with a simple Reintegration Act. Although some men did choose to reintegrate and submit, other men decided to expand their camps and create a place in which they could work away from the prejudice. This is the world a boy named Ty was born into, a world where men are weak. A world in which dreams have limits. A world that is divided. But can the wishes of a bright eyed boy change that? Can the dreams of one allow others to dream again?

Chapter 1
               The strong smell of brewing coffee filled 5-year-old Ty’s nose as he woke. He sat up in his bed as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, the morning song of birds filling his ears as his room came into view. It wasn’t an extravagant room. It had a simple wooden floor and four walls. There was a wooden dresser to the left of the room, and close to the door was a medium size wooden box. As Ty got out of his bed he made sure not to step on the gears be had left on the floor. Casualties from last night’s war of the gears. Ty sheepishly walked over to his dresser and pulled open the drawer closest to the floor. shirts and pants were stuffed into the drawer unfolded. The smell of old chips greeted Ty as he rummaged through the drawer looking for a change of clothing.  Little Ty decided on a pair of shorts and an orange shirt that was in desperate need of a good ironing. Sitting down to change Ty heard the timer from downstairs ding, signaling that the treccina had finished. Ty sped up his current changing pace, struggling to finish putting his shirt on before Nonnuccio ate all the good treccina. Once his shirt was in place Ty snagged his favorite beanie as he ran out of his room. As he rushed down the stairs to the kitchen he could hear Nonnuccio humming.

    “ I’m Up! Nonnuccio!” Ty called, jumping down the last two steps. As he turned the corner he saw an old Italian man humming as he moved dishes to the table. He was tall with glasses perched at the end of his nose, and he had a big white mustache that complemented his white hair and tanned skin. When the old man saw Ty his face lit up with a smile that showed his age.

“Well good morning Tito. Are you ready for breakfast?” Nonnuccio said as he picked up two plates.

      Ty smiled in return as he climbed into a chair. Once seated Nonnuccio set a plate before Ty with his favorite treccina on it. He then kissed his cheek.

Ty swarmed side to side saying in response to the kiss “That tickles!”

Nonnuccio chuckled after setting a cup of warm milk down he took a seat.

Ty looked up at his grandpa with a smile “Thanks, Nonnuccio!” exclaimed Ty before looking around the table. “Is Pape at work?”

Nonnuccio smiled “Yes, he said he had to go in early today, but he will be back in time for dinner.”

Ty paid half attention to his grandfather’s words as he picked up his treccina about to enjoy a feast of sweetness.

“Tito…” came grandfather’s voice, a warning look in his eye “Did you forget to do something?”.

Ty put the pastry down, closed his eyes and put his hands together. Nonnuccio did the same and said a quick prayer for their food. After the prayer, Ty dug into his pastry with a smile. Nonnuccio laughed to himself as he watched his grandson eat.

As they ate Nonnuccio read a paper.  Even though Ty didn’t  know but it seemed to upset his grandpa. All Ty could see was a picture of a man in chains, he looked angry. Ty looked up to his grandfather “What’s wrong Nonnuccio?”

Nonnuccio looked over to Ty “Oh nothing Tito, the people of this world are just so lost”

Ty looked down to his half eaten treccia “Well” he said after taking another bite “Once I grow up I’ll help them. Just like Pape!”

Ty’s grandfather smiled a little “Yes. Just like Pape.” he said as he continued to read.

After he finished with his treccina Ty wiped his hands on a cloth on the table. He was about to get off the chair when his grandfather’s voice reached him again from behind the paper.

“Are you forgetting to drink your milk, Tito?”

“Awwwww but Nonnuccio I don’t want to drink it! Milk is yucky” Ty said making a face at the cup.

Nonnuccio lowered his paper a little to look at Ty “Well what do you plan on doing today then?”

Ty fiddled with his hand behind his back “Well, I was going to play with Billy, Tommy, and Daren at the park”

Ty’s grandfather took a drink of his coffee. After what felt like forever to Ty, Nonnuccio spoke while pushing the cup closer to Ty “Well how do you expect to grow big and strong like your papa if you don’t drink your milk?”

Ty put his hands out in front of him, as is shielding himself from the milk “But I don’t like it! It’s yucky!”

When Nonnuccio touched Ty’s arm, Ty lowered his arms and look at his grandpa. “I know, but drink it if you want to grow big and help Pape with the robots.”

Once Nonnuccio said robots Ty’s face lit up “The robot!”

“Yes, yes, the robots,” Nonnuccio said to the now jumping Ty.

“Nonnuccio I want to ride them!” Ty shrieked.

“Well to do that you must grow big and strong, so drink your milk.” Ty’s grandpa said as he offered the cup again.

Ty looked at the cup as if it held poison. Suddenly he grabbed the cup and downed its contents. After finishing Ty pulled the cup from his lips and threw it into the sink “Okay I’m done! Can I go now?!”

Nonnuccio waved him off “Go Tito! Have an adventure!”

With that, Ty ran off waving goodbye to his grandpa. Ty ran down the stone streets of Marsville, a small city located in what used to be called Wisconsin. Marsville was known for mining, engineering, parts, and repairs, which earned it the nickname “Mechanic City.” Its population was composed of mostly males that worked in the mining division or engineering division.

    As Ty continued his journey to the park he passed plenty of gray buildings. Since the town was built for mining and engineering work greenery was almost non-existent within the city, except for three small parks provided for the children of the workers.
Ty passed by all manner of shops on his way to the park. Auto-body, Hardware, and Repair shops being the most common. If it was related to mining, engineering, or repairs it could be found in one of these shops. Food and clothing stores did exist but offered little in terms of selection.  Ty passed by his favorite food stall on his way to the park and called to the guy behind the counter.

“Hello, Mr. Garbett!” Ty shouted as he waved with an ear to ear smile.

Mr. Garbett turned around and waved “Hey, Ty!” he  greeted as he bent over the counter to get a better look at Ty “Where are you off to today?”

“The Park” Ty said with a smile.

Mr. Garbett smiled. “Oh, how fun! When you see Billy, tell him mommy wanted him to stay away from the mud okay?”
Ty nodded as he marched down the street “Okay! No mud!”
“Thanks buddy!” Mr. Garbett said as he stood up and got back to work.
               Ty reached the park in no time and started looking for his friends. After about five minutes of looking, he found them in the field. Their backs were facing him, and Billy held a ball in his hand. They seemed to be looking down at something, so Ty sped up to go see what it was.

“Hey Billy, Tommy, Daren…” said Ty as he tried to look over them.  “What are you looking at?”

As he approached he saw it. It was a little animal Ty had never seen before, an animal that was small, fury, and barked a lot. Billy, who was the oldest, puffed out his chest and declared “I found it!”

The rest of the boys looked at the furry barking animal in awe. Daren shifted his gaze to Billy, who stood pridefully over the wonderful thing he found and asked “what is it?”

Billy looked as if he got the wind knocked out of him as he rubbed his head “W-well it’s a baby coon of course!”

Ty put his hand close to this furry little barking animal “I don’t think it’s a coon” he said as it licked his hand. “Where is its mask? And coons don’t make that sound.”

Billy stomped his foot as he held the ball above his head “Well what is it then Ty?”

Just then an ear-splitting cry cut through the field the air “HEY! THAT’S MY PUPPY!”

The boys spun in the direction of the voice. Ty was stunned when he saw what the cry had come from.  It came from something that looked a lot like a kid, but none they had seen. It wore these weird shorts that seem to be made of a single piece of fabric with a lot of ruffles in it and had long light brown hair pulled into these weird looking tale things on the side of her head.

Billy stepped forward “Nu-uh! This thing belongs to me now! Finders keepers!” he said with a huff.

“No, it’s MINE! My Mommy gave her to ME!!!” the strange kid said as she stomped her feet.

Ty came up behind Billy and tilted his head “What kind of boy are you?” he asked the strange girl arguing with Billy.

The newcomer turned to face Ty, pointing a finger at him “I’M NOT A BOY!!!!! I’m a girl!” she said as forcefully as she could. 
The other boys all looked at each other before laughing.

The little girl stomped her feet some more in protest “STOP LAUGHING!!!”

Ty tried his best to contain his laughter “But you’re not a girl. Girls are a lot taller…”

He looked around to see if any girls were around. After spotting one walking down the street with a guy right behind her Ty pointed “See?! That’s a girl.”

The girl looked at Ty with disgust “She’s a grown up! I’m still little”

Ty then looked at her again, this time taking her long hair into his hand “Well you do smell nice and have long hair-”

A whine cut Ty off. Billy had picked up the puppy “What-EEEVVEER.” Billy said as he rolled his eyes “It doesn’t matter if she is a girl. I found this puppy thing fair and square so it’s mine.”

The little girl’s face turned a bright red “NO SHE IS MINE!” came her screams as she desperately tried to take back her whining puppy.

Billy sidestepped escaping her grasping hands as he shouted “Haahaa!”

After a minute of trying to get the puppy back, she stopped “She is My puppy! My mommy gave her to me!!” she screamed with tears in her eyes.

As Ty watched, something in his stomach turned. Seeing this girl about to cry made him mad. He remembered something Nonnuccio had told him one time “Tito if you ever see anyone in need of help, whether that be a boy or a girl, you need to stop and help them”

Ty then came up next to the girl and gave Billy an angry look “Billy, give her the puppy back!”

Billy stopped moving and looked at Ty “Why? I found it!”

Ty walked up to Billy, and took the puppy from his hands, causing it to cry out in pain “Because! It’s not ours!” he exclaimed before walking back over to the sniffling girl.

“Here you go” Ty smiled and handed her the puppy. A small smile touched the girl's lips as she wiped her tears away. After taking the puppy back she placed it on the ground and threw a small ball she had in her hand. The puppy chased after it without a second thought.

Billy and the other two guys socked on their teeth before turning to go play somewhere else. Ty started to walk after them when Billy stopped and turned to face him “You can’t play with us today Ty”

Ty looked confused “Why?”

“Because you are not my friend today, so go play by yourself.” Billy said as Tommy and Daren stuck their tongues out.

 Ty looked down as the other boys walked away throwing the ball to each other. Then they laughed and ran off to play in a different part of the town. Ty turned back the way he came into the park and started on his way home, sniffling as he went. Just then Ty felt s soft tugging at the back of his shirt. Turning around he saw the girl hanging onto his shirt.

“Thank you for getting my puppy back.” she said timidly.

Ty wiped his dripping nose on his arm “You're welcome…”

She looked up at him “I’m Emilia.”

Ty scratched the beanie the hid his red hair “I’m Ty”

Emilia smiled “Do you want to be my friend?”

  Ty hesitated a moment before saying “Okay”. Starting to feel a little better now he asked “Do you want to play tag?”

Emilia jumped up and down “Yea! Not it!” she shouted as she ran away with the puppy in close pursuit.

“Hey, that’s cheating!” Ty said with a laugh as he started to chase after her.

               The park filled with the joyful screams and laughter of Ty and Emilia as they played. Before long, noon reached the park where Ty and Emilia were laying down in the grass giggling as clouds floated by.

“That one looks like Nonnuccio’s mustache!” exclaimed Ty as he burst into laughter again.

Emilia looked at him funny “Who is Nonnuccio?” she inquired, puzzled.

Ty sat up “You don’t have a Nonnuccio?”

Emilia shook her head in response.

“Well, he is-”

Ty’s words were drowned out by the sounds of hungry stomachs calling for food. They both looked at each other for a moment then laughed.

“Well, it must be lunchtime.” Ty said as he stood up “You want to come to my house? Nonnuccio makes yummy food.”

Ty helped Emilia back onto her feet. She looked around them as if she was searching for someone.

“Ummm…” After a moment she hung her head “Mommy forgot about me again” she said under her breath.

Ty tilted his head “what?”

Emilia then looked back up, she seemed about ready to cry but instead said “Sure let’s go to your house!”

Ty smiled and took Emilia’s hand as he said “Okay, it’s this way! Come on!”

He began to pull her along, her puppy in tow. After they had run a short distance Ty and Emilia stopped and started walking, Ty leading her by the hand. Emilia awed as she passed by stores she had never seen before. After a few minutes of walking, Ty stopped and waved to an old man Emilia had never seen before “Nonnuccio! We’re Hungry!”

The old man turned to the voice. His face wrinkled due to smile that appeared “Good! I made a lunch that could feed three of me!” he said as he stood up. His tan skin and white hair made Emilia hide behind Ty. She had never seen an old man before.

Ty’s grandpa stooped down “Who’s your friends Tito?”

Ty looked at him “This is Emilia and her Puppy! Billy was being mean and took her puppy but we got it back. Then Billy said he wasn’t my friend so I couldn’t play with him” Ty explained as he poked his nose.

His grandpa wore a worried expression as he listened to the explanation “That was not nice. Then what happened?”

Ty nodded “Yeah it wasn’t. Then Emilia asked if I would be her friend”

Nonnuccio smiled “Is that right Emilia?” he asked the girl, who nodded in response.

Ty continued his explanation on their time at the park “Sounds like you three worked up an appetite, but shouldn’t we ask Emilia’s mommy first?” Ty’s grandpa then looked at Emilia “do you have your mommy’s number?”

Emilia shook her head “But I have this” she said as she handed him a metal card like object.

Nonnuccio looked at it “This should be fine. Why don’t you two get ready to eat, while I’ll talk to Emilia’s mommy”

Ty jumped up and down “Can I show her my robot?!”

Nonnuccio smiled “Okay, But leave the puppy down here so she doesn’t fall down the stairs” Then he turned to this black box he had next to his ear “Yes can you please connect me to Mrs. Thorbound?... Well her daughter would like to have lunch with my grandson... yes I’ll wait…”

Ty guided Emilia to his room. After she walked in Emilia plugged her nose “it smells like a bunch of farts in here!”

Ty turned around with a giggle in his voice “No it doesn’t!

Emilia stomped her foot “Yes it does!”

Ty rolled his eyes as he answered “fine” he then walked over to the window and opened it “Now it doesn’t smell like farts” He then went stumbling to medium size box in his room.

As Emilia looked around she noticed he didn’t have any toys “where are your toys?” She asked as Ty rummaged through a box.

“Right here!” Ty said as he pulled himself out of a box “This is my
toy!” He shouted as he held an old robot above his head like it was some kind of prize.

It was shaped like a metal box with two arms and two legs sticking out. Some of the paint had chipped off this old box robot toy and revealed a body made of metal that was slightly rusted.

Emilie made a face as she looked at the robot “Ewww It looks nasty!”

Ty pulled the robot back against his chest “HE IS NOT NASTY!  He is Gear! A super robot that saves people from bad guys!” Ty said with passion in his voice.

He then went into a lengthy speech on the many wondrous things his robot Gear did. At the end of it, Emilia look up to him “who said Gear could do all this?”

Ty looked into the robot's green plastic eyes “Nonnuccio did! He said that when I grow up I can drive a real a Gear one day!”

Emilia shook her head, causing her ponytails to flip back and forth “Nu-uh! My mommy said only girls can drive the big robots because they are made for girls only!” Emilia said with a huff, placing her hands on her hips.

 Ty looked down at his robot toy “Well then” he said with a smile as he looked up “I’ll make my own!”

Emilia was about to object when Nonnuccio voice reached them “Tito! Emilia! lunch is ready!”

The moment lunch was mentioned Ty’s face lit up “YEAH! Lunch!” he shouted as he raced out of his room, He paused for merely a second to look back at Emilia. “Emilia lunch!” he said before he spun back around and headed down stairs.

Emilia stood up “He can’t make one” she whispered as she looked at Gear “It’s for girls.” she then walked out of the room.

When Emilia reached the bottom of the stairs Nonnuccio called to her from the kitchen “This way Emilia.”

Emilia followed the voice until she reached the kitchen. Ty had already been seated and looked happily down at his food.

Nonnuccio gestured to a pulled out chair as he brought a plate to the table. Emilia climbed into the chair and looked down at the contents of the plate.

What was before her was a sandwich she had never seen before. The sandwich was made from a bread that had been somewhat tossed. In Between the tossed bread was fresh tomato, a semi thick slice of chess formed the base of the sandwich, some kind of meat made up the middle, and a pesto topping was the glue that held the sandwich together. Emilia made a face as she inspected the foreign sandwich.

After Nonnuccio sat down Ty slapped his hands together “Okay pray now!”

Nonnuccio laughed as he put his hands together. Emilia watch them as they both bowed their heads and repeated some words about being thankful to some guy for the food, life, and their new friend. After the prayer had finished Ty popped his eyes open and dug into his sandwich, chewing happily as he bounced up and down.

Nonnuccio tapped Ty on the shoulder “Stay still Tito, you don’t want to choke.”

Ty gave a confirming head nod as he took another big bite of his sandwich. Ty’s grandpa was about to take a bite of his own sandwich when he noticed Emilia was still inspecting her sandwich.

“What’s wrong?” He asked in a kind voice.

Emilia looked up at him with dissatisfaction in her voice “Is there anything else to eat? I don’t like this.”

Nonnuccio laughed to himself “Well have you ever tried it?”

“Noooooo” Emilia replied with a head shake.

“Well, then how do you now don’t like it?” Nonnuccio said carefully “just try it sweetie, and if you still don’t like it I’ll find you something else.”

Emilia stared at the sandwich as if it was an alien about to come to life. She then looked to Ty, who was enjoying his sandwich, and back to Ty’s grandpa, who had started eating his own sandwich. After a moment more of hesitation, Emilia bit into her sandwich. Ty’s grandpa watch as her eyes lit up and she exclaimed “Hummmm!” with a mount full of sandwich.

Ty saw her eating the sandwich “It’s good huh!” he said with a full mouth. Emilia nodded as she took another bite.

The three of them enjoyed the rest of the sandwich without any more objections. After lunch, the two fast friends played some more at the park as Nonnuccio watched from a distance with a sleeping puppy. As they played the sun made its way across the sky until it rested on the tips of the mountains. Soon Nonnuccio called back to the children “Okay it’s time to go now.”

Ty and Emilia ran back to him with smiles reaching from ear to ear. They both eagerly took Nonnuccio’s hand as he led them back home, with a tired puppy trotting along side them.

As the house came into view so did a black hover car with a man and woman standing outside of it. The man was dressed in grease stained overalls, while the woman wore a fancy tailor made a suit with her hair up in a tight bun. The man and woman seemed to be engaged in an unpleasant conversation as both wore unpleasant expressions. 

“PAPE!” Ty screamed as he let go of Nonnuccio’s hand and ran forward, and Emilia shouted “Mommy!” as she took off too. Both adults turned to face their running child.

Ty’s Father scooped up his son once he was close enough, lifting him high in the air he smiled “My boy!” he then brought him back down and hugged him, Ty wrapping his arms around his dad’s neck.

Emilia’s mother patted Emilia’s head as she wrapped her arms around her mom’s legs for a hug “Hello my princess, did you have fun today?” Emilia’s mom said with a kind but strict tone in her voice.

Emilia looked up at her mom with a smile “Uh-huh! These mean boys took my puppy at first but then my friend came to help me and we ate really good sandwiches!”

Emilia’s mom half smiled “oh really? I thought you didn’t like sandwiches” she exclaimed as she ran her fingers through her daughter’s hair.

“Nonnuccio makes the best sandwiches ever!” Ty interjected as he loosened his grip on his dad’s neck.

Emilia nodded in agreement “Yeah the best in the whole wide world!”

Emilia’s mom looked at Ty as his father set him back on the ground “Oh okay. Is this your friend Emilia?"

“Yup! His name is Ty. He says he is going to build a robot and drive it!” Emilia explained with joy.

Mrs. Thorbound shot a look at Ty’s father, who didn’t bother looking at her “Oh really?”.

Ty bounced up to Emilia “Yup!” Ty said while he nodded his head.

Mrs. Thorbound kneeled “And what are you going to do when you build your robot Ty?” she said as she looked between Ty and Emilia.

“I’m going to- going too-going too… Ha! Save the world just like Gear!” Ty exclaimed.

Mrs. Thorbound chuckled a little bit “really?”

Ty made a fist and threw it into the air “Yeah! And then my mommy will come back home because I saved the world!”
Emilia’s mother looked again to Ty’s father, who looked away from his Son. “Okay kiddo it’s time for bed. Say goodbye now” Ty’s father said as he turned towards the door.

Ty hugged Emilia “bye-bye!” Emilia smiled and laughed as she hugged him tighter “Byeeee!”. Ty then waved to Emilia’s mother “Bye-bye!” and turned to follow his dad.

“Wait a second Ty” Emilia’s mother said. Ty whirled around to face her. His normal ear to ear smile caused her to smile a little as she pulled out a metal business card “When you build your robot, you come down to Venuseylum and come see us okay.” She said as Ty took the metal card and examined it “That way we can help you save the world like Gear.”

Ty jumped and hugged Emilia’s Mom’s legs “okay!”

She was a little surprised by the action and patted him on the head. After Ty let go she walked over to the car and helped Emilia in. Ty and Nonnuccio stood outside waving bye. Ty’s father leaned on the doorpost watching Emilia’s mom with an unpleasant look on his face. As the car started Ty shouted to Emilia “See you later alligator!”

Emilia waved from the car window “In a while crocodile!” she shouted as the car sped off.

Ty turned around and ran to his dad “she’s my friend dad!”

Ty’s father ushered his son back into the house “Oooh so you two are friends?” He said as he cast a look at Nonnuccio who entered behind them. Ty jumped up one step as he held his father’s hand and the metal card in the other “Yup! And Emilia said she is coming to play again!”


               The sound of an air powered socket wrench echoed off the walls of Ty’s work shop as he fixed a mining golem. The Engine's spark plugs needed replacing Why do they make these things so hard to get too?  Ty thought from under the golem. Since he turned 17 his father’s old time friend had given him his own working space in the repair shop.

“Still here Ty?” boomed a voice from above.

Ty looked around until he found Mr. Robert’s feet “Yes Boss, the spark plugs needed changing as well.” He said from under the drone.

The machine itself was about 15 feet long and 6 feet wide. With a drill at one end and robotic hands at the other. Ty’s employer walked around to the other side of the drone and inspected the hands “I see you’re at it again son.”

 Ty shrugged while under the golem as he changed the last two spark plugs.

Mr. Roberts voice echoed in the small workshop as he inspected the rest of the drone “You know Ty, business has picked up ever since I let you make your improvements to the machines. The bad thing is that it takes them three times longer for them to return for repairs. You may be slowly putting me out of business boy.”

Ty had finished changing the spark plug and was now putting the housing back on with the air powered socket wrench. After a moment, he emerged from under the mining golem. As Ty dusted himself off he looked over to Mr. Roberts with a smile “Sorry about that. I just can’t help it when I see they could be improved”

Mr. Roberts laughed as he walked over “Ha! If only they were made that way from the start.” He said as he slapped him on the shoulder.

Ty returned the gesture with a pat as he went to clean up. Ty picked up his tools and started putting them away when Mr. Roberts voice broke the silence “Mike told me you're starting at the mine tomorrow?”

Ty stopped picking up his tools for a moment “O-oh yeah… about that…”

He was unsure how Mr. Roberts would take the news of him starting a new job while working for him full time. 

After a moment, he stood up straight and looked the older man in the eyes “It is true”

His father had always told Ty to be an honest, hard working man people could depend on. He wasn’t about to let those words go. After all, they were his only memories of his father.

“I have to pick up some extra work. Nonnuccio needs some more medical care. I’m sorry I should have told you sooner Mr. Roberts. But I’ll still be putting all my hours here I just need a little extra… breathing room.”

Mr. Roberts brow’s meet in an angry look as he mulled over what Ty had just told him. In the moments of silence that passed, Ty thought for sure, Mr. Roberts would fire him, or at least yell at him.

Just then Mr. Roberts looked up with a sympathetic smile “I understand Tito. Don’t worry I know times are rough for you right now.” Mr. Roberts then walked over to the workbench and took a seat “It’s hard to be the only provider in a family, especially when one member needs special help.” He then looked Ty dead in the eyes. “You make sure they don’t work you too hard in that mine you hear me boy?”

A smile touched Ty’s lips. Mr. Roberts was always surprising him with different reactions. Ty nodded in response “Yes sir!” he said as he picked up his small blue tool box and placed it on the counter.
“All right, now get yourself out of here Ty.”

He’s always treated me like a second son Ty thought as he finished putting everything away and headed to the door. As he was about to exit, Ty stopped short and looked back at Mr. Roberts “Good night Mr. Roberts!”

“Night boy” Mr. Roberts nodded back “now get going!” he shouted with a wave of dismissal.

Ty hurried out the work shop. Mr. Roberts could hear him running through the front of the shop and out the front door. Once sure he was gone Mr. Roberts let out a heavy sigh. Looking at his hand then to the roof he spoke in a hushed tone “where are you, Jack? Can’t you see your son needs you…”

               Ty ran down the street of Mechanic city as the sun fell behind the surrounding mountains. The smoke from the factories made the sun’s last light glow red. The low level of red light cast an eerily light to Mechanic city as shadows waged war with the dim lights of the run-down city.

As Ty ran through the city he noticed how much more run down it looked now that night was upon them Man this place looks like a scene from those old horror movies. One in which the protagonist finds himself alone in a city only to find himself surrounded by the living dead and an army of monsters. The chill from the mountain air cooled Ty as he ran through the streets and caused him to shiver as he turned to go up a hill. I’m glad Nonnuccio didn’t let me out at night, it probably would have given me nightmares for the rest of my kid life.

Ty slowed to a stop as he came to a small run down house towards the top of the small hill. The front yard was just like any other yard in Mechanic city. Dry grass occupied the front lawn while an invasion of weeds was the only thing that brought green to the yard. The house, which was a two-stories, was rather small and in a bad need of a paint job.

Ty crossed the threshold and entered the house. As the door closed behind him a soft voice reached his ears “is that you…Jacky?”

Ty ran up the stairs to the only bedroom in the house.  Once at the door he gently pushed it open, the soft voice reaching his ears again “Jacky? Have you been out with Mary again?”

Ty smiled at the mention of his parents’ names, though he had never met his mother because of the divide. He had heard stories of how his father would stay out late to meet with his would-be mother.

“No Nonnuccio, it’s me, Tito.” Ty said as he entered the room.
His grandfather lay in his bed taking shallow breaths. The once strong grandfather that had taken care of Ty was now in need. Time had caught up with Ty’s grandfather and was determined to make his grandfather take his last years slow. Ty crossed the room and picked up his grandfather’s hand. For the last two years, his grandfather was battling a failing body and memory loss.

The old man turned to look at him “You’re not my Jacky” he said while looking confused at Ty.

Ty smiled through the pain in his chest “I know, It’s Tito, Nonnuccio. Your grandson.”

After a moment of staring Nonnuccio’s eyes filled with tears “I…, I know that…. I was.. Just making sure you knew that.”

Ty smiled as he held his grandfather’s hand to his cheek. “Oh really?”

Nonnuccio nodded slowly. As Ty went around the room cleaning up bits of trash the nurse left behind, his grandfather spoke in a hushed voice “How was work?”

“It was fine. I had to fix another golem.” Ty said as he threw the trash into a nearby trash can.

“How is Emilia doing?” Was grandfathers next question.

Ty stopped in response to it. His onetime friend Emilia. Now that grandfather was losing his memory he couldn’t remember that they hadn’t seen her since the day they both played in the park.
Clearing his throat Ty moved to close the windows “I think she is good. I can’t say for sure since I haven’t seen her in a while Nonnuccio”

Ty’s grandfather smiled as he nodded “well, next time you see her… Tell her to stop by… And say Hi...”

Ty then walked over to his grandfather and sat on his bed “I’ll do that Nonnuccio” He then pulled the blankets over his tired grandfather “Now you go to sleep Nonnuccio.”

The old man rocked his head side to side as Ty finished covering him. Ty leaned over and kissed his grandfather’s forehead “Good night Nonnuccio, sleep well.”

Nonnuccio blew out his last remaining words “Night…Son” and with that fell into a slumber Ty prayed would not be his last.
Quietly exiting the room Ty noticed the front door was open. Walking down the stairs he saw his old friend Billy sitting at the table. Once Billy saw Ty he stood up “Hey buddy!”

Ty met his friend and they exchanged a brief embrace. Though Billy was a year older than Ty you couldn’t tell that from just looking at them. Ty had grown up to be 6’5” while Billy was 5”5. At a head shorter than Ty, Billy made up for the lack of height with bulging muscles, while Ty had just the average build.

Both boys took their seats at the table. Ty offered Billy a cup of coffee, Billy waved in down “Oh, no thank you. I’ll be heading to the meeting in a few minutes. I just wanted to swing by and see how you and Nonnuccio were doing.” Billy said as he rested his massive arms on the table.

After taking a long drink Ty set the cup down “We are well. Nonnuccio is… he is well.” Or as well as one at expect in his condition.

Billy nodded as he twiddled his thumbs. When Ty noticed Billy’s thumb twiddling he knew Billy had something he wanted to ask. After taking another drink of coffee Ty spoke “Okay Billy, what is it you want to ask me? Come on out with it” He said as he put the cup back on the table.

Billy looked up with an almost shocked expression “How did you know I wanted to ask you something?”

“Because you're twiddling your thumbs” Ty pointed out “You always do that when you want to ask me something.”

Billy looked down and sure enough he was twiddling his thumbs, he then looked up and both boys gave in to hushed laughter.

  After that died Billy looked back to Ty “I wanted to ask if you will come to the meeting tonight?”

Ty sighed as he picked the bridge of his nose “Billy I’ve already-”

“I know, I Know!” Billy cut in “But if we had someone like you on board I’m sure we could do the impossible! You’re a great Mechanic. But you’re also the best inventor I know!” Billy stated as he stood up “Together we can bring about true change and equality!”

Ty sighed heavily as he watched his close friend give him the whole why you should become a rebel speech again. Once he finished Ty spoke up “Listen Billy, I can’t do that.”

Billy’s shoulders slumped “why not?” he said in an almost whiny voice.

“Because. I can’t be part of a rebellion. Not only are we outnumbered and outgunned, but do you know who you’ll be fighting in your rebellion? No, I can’t be part of that.” Ty said as the thought of facing down a woman in a battle to the death. It went against everything Nonnuccio taught him. Everything a man should be. Ty didn’t care how they treated him, he would not raise a fist against a female. “Plus” he continued “Who would watch over Nonnuccio? That nurse doesn’t even do half the stuff he should. But it’s not like I can fire him and get a new one because there aren’t any.”

At that Billy sunk back into his chair. He knew Ty would not waver from his beliefs or Nonnuccio. Ty then walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a green vest and a headlight. Ty had not changed out of his mechanic clothing, which consisted of blue jeans and a red long sleeve. After throwing the vest over Billy looked at him “I thought the shop was closed at night?”

Ty looked back to his friend “Yeah it is. I start mining tonight.”

Billy’s eyebrows shot up “Tonight?! Are you serious?!”

Ty hushed Billy who covered his mouth in response. Both boys didn’t say anything for a moment while they listened to see if they woke Nonnuccio. After they were both sure he hadn’t Ty spoke “The night shift pays better plus I get to keep any quantum crystals that are too small for the product.”

Billy shook his head “man, I hear it’s crazy on the night shift, are you sure?”

Concern was not only present in the words Billy offered but also on his face.

Ty led them both to the front door “Thanks, Billy, I’ll be fine. Now let’s get a move on before we are both late.”

As they exited the house Ty looked back Please Lord, let him still be here when I get back.

After dropping Billy off at his ‘meeting’ Ty headed to the mine. The road to the mine was rough and rigid as it curved up the mountain. 

As Ty walked he thought over the recent happenings of his life Nonnuccio was right, things are being set up perfectly Ty thought as he blew a breath of warm air into his hands as he climbed higher up the mountain. Not only did I get a job at the shop where I can build things, but also working at the mine will allow me access to the quantum crystals Ty looked up at the starry night sky as he approached the entrance to the mine I’ll be coming for you soon Pape, just hold on a little longer.

“Well if it isn’t the recruit for the night shift!” boomed a voice from the entrance.

Ty looked down to see Mike the owner of the mine. He was a man in his late 40s with a big white beard, a headlight resting on his balding head. Ty laughed on the inside at how much Mike resembled the old story about seven little miners.

“Hey Mike” Ty called as he got closer, he had never been a fan of shouting.

Mike greeted him happily with an over enthusiastic handshake “It’s great to have you here Ty!”  Mike said as he pulled Ty close to rest his arm upon his shoulder.

“Thanks, Mike, Thanks for hiring me.”

Mike waved off the comment “Oh think nothing of it! I would gladly hire you anytime or anywhere. After all, everyone knows Ty makes the BEST improvements to my golems.”

Mike went on about how much the improvements had helped the miners as he leads Ty down into the mine. Bright lights bathed the mine in a bright yellow light. The walls seemed to be made of glowing purple and blue stars. Mike noticed Ty looking at the glowing wall “Oh those are the quantum crystals. We try to only mine the purple ones since they are the only ones Venuseylum will buy.”

Ty nodded at the information “Why not the blues?”

Mike stopped for a moment and rubbed his chin “You know what? I don’t know. Maybe they like the look of the purple ones?” Mike made a face as if he just caught a nose full of something nasty “Women, who needs them.” He said as he threw his hands down “But you can keep any blue ones that are under 3 feet long if you mine them by mistake.”

Ty smiled “Okay sweet!”

After a few more minutes of walking and Mike talking they came to a dark tunnel “This will be your shaft. Remember if you need anything just call me.” Mike said as he handed Ty a pickaxe and a walkie-talkie. “There is your mine cart” He pointed to a metal box attached to the rail tracks. “Remember your shift ends in about 5 hours. Clock out with Don okay?” Mike said as he cast a wondering look at Ty.

“Yes, sir! Clock out with Don in 5 hours, only mine purple crystals and make sure to pay attention to the radio” Ty repeated with a nod “Got it!”

Mike gave an approving nod back and turned to walk back out the mine “Good boy! We’ll make a miner out of you yet. See you tomorrow Ty” Mike said as he walked out of the mine shaft.
Ty turned to the darkness that was laminated by soft purple and blue light “Well let’s get started.”

               After a few hours had passed Ty found himself taking in deep breaths as he put his unearthed purple quantum crystals in the minecart. This…Is a lot harder…. Then I thought it would be… Ty thought as he walked back to his spot and heaved another mighty blow to the earth, who was unwilling to yield up its treasures.

    Ty brought the pickaxes up high as he prepared to take another swing. He brought it down with all the force he could muster as he drove the pickaxe down into the hard earth. The moment it hit the earth a loud CRACK reached Ty’s ears from under his feet. Ty cocked his head to the side as he listened to the faint echo. It was definitely coming from under his feet. Ty yanked the pickaxe from the ground and inspected the hole it had made. It was dark and he couldn’t see anything but a faint glow coming from deep inside the hole.

A moment later a loud sound screamed from the ground, like metal being torn in half, as the ground opened under his feet. Ty felt a rush of air as he fell into the dark hands of the eternal night beneath him.

-To Be Continued in Chapter 2
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