Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Get To Know Me Tag

Hello everyone! Sorry there was no post last week. It was the last week of my internship so things where a little more busy then what has become my norm.

But forget the past, it's not like we are doomed to repeat it... right?
Anyways I was tagged by Danielle from Snapper (go check her out if you haven't yet!!). 

Let the game begin!


- link back to the person who created the tag (*Just noticed I made another error* It was made by Savannah from Inspiring Writes)

- thank the person who tagged you (No really thanks Danielle from Snapper, I had nothing planned for this week! Your a lifesaver!)
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- tag eleven bloggers (I'll tag you all at the end{not because I'm still thinking who to tag})

Vital Stats and Appearance:
Marrok MacIntyre. But that's just my pen name. My real name is Abraham. But please just call me Marrok.

(this is literally the worst question to ask me) Okay I some of the weirdest nicknames in the world. But here we go.
Abe, Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln, Lip kisser of roses, Babe (like the pig), Ham, Pauline, Shades, Sebastian, and some other weird things that are really too embarrassing to share.... Yeah I warned you beforehand that I have weird nicknames.

The day King Arthur raised his sword for his first battle(Good luck finding that day!)

Hair Color and Length: 
Well if you couldn't tell from my profile picture, or are colorblind, I have really, really, dark brown hair. And as for the length, It's a little longer then Thor's hair in Thor 3.

Eye Color: 
Okay here is where we get into the ineractive part of my post. Go outside... Yes I know it's hot but help a brother out... Okay are you outside? Good. Now get a bucket of water and find some dry earth... Shouldn't be too hard with this heat... Okay now throw the bucket of water on the earth and start playing in the mud it makes... Okay now look at your hands. That is my exact Eye Color (Super complicated).

Braces/ Piercings:....
I've never had braces or piercings, And I don't plan on getting any!!

Righty or Lefty?:
Funny thing is I am ambidextrous. Which means I can use both my hand equally as well. Except when it comes to writing. kinda bad with that.

I'm American, but that isn't really a ethnicity. Ethnically I'm Mexican, Irish, Scot, French, Native American, Chinese, Polish, Spaniard, and I'm forgetting the other stuff. I mean if you look at me I look like a mutt so yeah it works :D


 First novel ever written:
Well the very first novel was Iron Gauntlet. It was a superhero/ science fiction story about a paramilitary guy who loses his memory after having nano-bot implanted throughout his body.

Frist Novel Completed:
Ummm look over there! it's a flying pig!
(Dodging those bullets like Spider-man use to)

Award for Writing:
I've never won an award for writing... Unless an good grade on a 15 page paper about short stories count. Then I would have gotten half an award (since it wasn't the best grade)

First Publication:
I'm starting to sense a trend here... Like if your trying to hit my... Oh wait! I have published something! My serial story titled Quantum Gears! (I'm also most done with the next chapter!)

uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh… I've never been to one. I hope to visit one soon! Hopefully realm makers or something like that!

I don't really get this one. But I could sell mold to a gnome if I wanted to so yeah. Nailed it! 


Novel (That you wrote):
Okay so it isn't exactly written out yet but I would say "To Reach Darkness" Or it's big novel Brother "The point of Death". Lots of emotion. Brother vs Brother, Son vs Father, Shadows vs Light, different realms, legendary weapons from history, the prince of darkness and light, England, Norway, and parkour!

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Adventure, oh and whatever genre superheroes fall under!
Those are my top favorites!

Geoff Johns! He is a writer that did some amazing work with on the Green Lantern Comic line. It was amazing and I love his work in that line!

Writing Music: 
Okay I know this is not gonna sound very cool but my favorite music to listen to is stuff by this band called Two Steps from Hell. They are not that bad I promise! They are an orchestral band with some vocals. But it's nothing bad, I wouldn't say I liked it if it was evil stuff.

Time To Write:
Any spare time I get. Whether it is the morning or the evening. I found out that I don't like writing at 1-5am

Man of Steel is hands down my favorite!

Writing Memory:
Ummm maybe when I wrote about 3,500 words within an hour and a half. I know kinda slow.

Childhood book:
Hummm… I liked this collection of stories from around the world. I would say it was one of my favorites. I know I always asked my mom to read it to me, even though the stories where slightly strange.


Orphan Song and The Half Orc

Currently I'm starting on my new project "To Reach Darkness". I'm doing all the nitty gritty ground work. I'm also starting on a novel that is kind of like a Price and the Pauper retelling

Listening to:
...Emblem by To Steps from Hell... 
It's not that bad I promise!

How to draw digitally better and photo manipulation.


Want to be Published:
I would like to! If the Lord is willing I would like to be traditionally and independently published.

Wildest Goal:
Lets see... Besides being published, traveling to Scotland, Japan and Norway. Besides that? Maybe staring Spider-Man 2099. The reason is because he is one of my favorite versions of Spider-Man. He is a very different version of Peter, the biggest difference is because he is half Mexican and Half Irish. And me being part Mexican and Irish I just think it would be cool.

Well that is the end of the tag! That was fun! Make sure to check out Danielle's blog and now for my eleven victims!
  1. Gray 
And now for the rest... Oh Wait look over there what is that!

(And while they are distracted I'll slip away without them noticing, If you would like to do this tag please feel free to! Until next time. Stay True to your King!)


  1. I has saved your life. You're welcome. XD *bows*

    Cool post, Marrok!! Sorry, but I didn't go outside and make mud pies at the moment. I'm just not up for mud right now. :P Also, don't worry, I know about TSFH, and they're not that bad at all. Their name is totally unnecessary, but the music is epic. :P

    Danielle |

    1. Thank you >.< !!!

      Thanks, Dang it, guess you'll won't know my eye color until you do :P You know about TSFH as well? *wipes sweat from forehead* Yeah it's a totally unnecessary name but whatever. Their epic music makes up for the name

  2. I did this post last week and had a blast! (I was also tagged by Danielle)

    And whoa--you're ambidextrous? That's super cool! I tried to teach myself to write with my left hand, but gave up because everything I wrote just looked like chicken scratch. XD

    I'll have to check out Two Steps from Hell--I often like to write to orchestral pieces as well.

    1. Well first I would like to welcome you to my blog, Thank you for stopping by, following and dropping a comment. I hope your able to enjoy your time reading here and that your able to laugh a little while reading this blog!

      Oh so cool! I'll go check it out!

      Yeah! Writing with my left hand isn't too bad I just need to do it more. I just have bad handwriting with both hands :D I'm sure your not that bad.

      Oh well if you like orchestral pieces I would also suggest Derek & Brandon Fiechter. They have some really fun pieces!

  3. Fun - and thanks for tagging me! I look forward to doing it. :)
    I like the titles of your books! Intriguing. Also, I've heard of that music group and have noticed that several writers I know listen to it while they write. I haven't listened to their music, but it's good to know they're good!
    That is a lot of nicknames. O.o I'm quite sure that you'll always be Griffin to me though XD
    Thanks again for tagging - I plan on doing it soon. I need to catch up on blog posts badly XP

    1. No problem! I'm looking forward to your post!

      Thanks, more then just a little thought went into them :D Yeah they are a pretty fun group. Just not crazy about the name.

      Hahahaha Thanks Rae

  4. Lip kisser of roses?!?! What is the story behind that? I'm dying to know. 😂

    And I just showered, don't tell me to make mud pies, my parents would kill me. >.<

    I hope you get to star in spider man one day! One of my friends might try to get the part also, he's actually gotten in trouble with the police for climbing up a theater building in a spider-man costume before. 😂

    Anyways, this tag is so much fun! Sadly, I've already done it:
    But thanks for tagging me. ^_^

    1. Okay it's not the best story ever. But me and this other person where siting down watching the sky. I told said person "hey give me an anime name" Because for some reason anime people have really long superhero names. So out of that I got Lip Kisser of Roses.

      Chaaa why is everyone showering when it's time to see my eye color!

      What no way! That sounds like something I would do< but I wouldn't get caught. Thanks!

      Yeah I noticed that a little later on. Dang it, Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I think this eye-colour experiment might not be so straightforward. Should I be using peat soil (which would make chocolate coloured mud) or charlottetown soil (which would make orange mud)?

    I don't mind listening to a little Two Steps from Hell now and then. The music is perfect for writing.

    I highly recommend Realm Makers! I'm not exactly an expert on writer's conferences, having never been before until this year. But with Realm Makers you can walk around with a sword while discussing sci-fi and theology in the same topic.

    (I'm sorry, but did you mean 'Prince and the Pauper', or was that part of the re-telling? Either way, cool idea!)

    1. Whaaa looks it's blue! I though you where dead or something!

      Huh... I didn't even thing about that... I guess peat soil would be best.

      Okay cool someone else you likes them!

      Yeah I been hearing Realm Makers is the one to go to, just haven't had the time as of yet... But hopefully soon!

      Yes... that is the pauper I meant -__-

  6. Thank you for the tag!

    Ah yes, Two Steps from Hell is fantastic! I think my favorites are High C's, Heart of Courage, and Flight of the Silverbird. Which are yours?

  7. Great share! I like it. Funny and fun to read. I also like the GIF's you used.

  8. I like reading your blog. It reminds me the "Slam book". The questions are almost the same.

  9. ... so does that mean that you are approximately 1500 years old? :P

    That's cool that you're ambidextrous. And excellent choice in genres! Those happen to be my favorites as well.

    - Anonymous the Grey

  10. I had fun reading this post. Such a fun tag.

  11. Your a funny one!! I laughed when I read this post! I like that you want your readers to go outside and mix some mud. Tempted to go do it too! Writing from 1-5am is not ideal for me as well. Followed your blog just now!! YAY!
    Simply Me

  12. So... you still here?

    ...Or have you been captured by evil trolls...

  13. Tag, you're it! I tagged you on my blog for a Journal Tag!
    No pressure, if you're too busy to do it, of course. :)


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