Thursday, August 24, 2017

Please Stand By.../Quantum Gears pre-lunch

           Hello everyone! So today was supposed to be the launch of my New Serial story. But due to some unforeseen events (I'm taking part in the Master's cup, Yeah!!) it will be going up next week. I'm getting a little behind on all your blog post but I hop to catch up soon.

          So, today I'll be doing a pre-lunch to Quantum Gear (yes that is the title of it). I'll be giving you the synopsis, a character spotlight and a cover preview thing.

         So today you will be meeting the MC himself; Tito "Ty" Rossi

       The year is 2070, the world has experienced the third an final world war. But unlike before humanity was driven to the brink of extinction. To save the world a new order was established in which women rule over the dwindled male population. A century later things have changed a little. The male population is getting back some freedom. But it is still a world in which dreams have their limits. a world that is divided. But can the whishes of a boy named Ty change that? Can this bright eyed teen's dream allow others to dream again?

    Okay I know it need work but I still want the main idea to be something undisclosed until it's release.  Next we have a tag that I'll be using. This originally came from Ry's Character Craziness. (Stop by and say hi to Ry for me)
Who is the most favorite out of the ones that will appear in Quantum Gear?

So I would say my favorite is Ty's grandpa. Then Ty.

Well even though we will not be seeing Ty's Grandpa much I used my own uncles and pastor as a reference so yeah. Ty is a close second because he is so chill. I mean he is facing a world of opposition yet he never loses sight of his dream.

What are some positive and negative factors about them?

Okay, so even though Ty is a chill kinda guy he is also kind of like a bottle of soda. So even though he is a chill guy he isn't emotionless. It just takes longer for him to release them. Positive is that he is a fast thinker. Which usually helps him in those not so friendly situations. Plus he is a great mechanic/tinker. 

Do they compare to you or someone you know in anyway?

I want to say noooo. But I literally just meet this dude who is almost exactly like him. I made Ty's character before I meet this dude so yeah.

What's their favorite color and why?

Ty's favorite color is blue. The reason is because even though Ty comes from an Italian background he stands out with red hair. So if you want to know more on that you'll just have to continue tuning in to Quantum Gear every other month to find out. 

Do they have siblings? Elaborate

Nope Ty is an only child. As is everyone else in Mechanic city.

Do they struggle with anything?

Yes he does! like everyone else he struggles with... You'll have to read the story for the rest of that.

Are they popular, outcast or just "ordinary"?

I would say he defiantly starts out just ordinary.

What is their motto, goal or drive? 

His motto: Don't just stand there and compline.
His goal: To pilot a...
His drive: To find his dad, then his mom.

Okay now it's time for the cover pre-view.

Well that's all I have for you today. Make sure to come back on the 1st for the official lunch of Quantum Gears. Now I've got places to be and coins to fish for. Until next time, Stay True to the King!

Title pic and gifs used are not my own and neither to I clam them as such. All credit goes to their rightful owners/creators.
Drawing and pre-view ARE my own. please to not repost with permission.


  1. Sounds interesting. Although a lot of details are still unknown, its obvious you've put a lot of thought into this. Great job! I think the concept is super unique, which is always nice.


    1. Thanks Ive! yeah I know a lot is still unknown but if I gave out everything then it wouldn't be all that cool when you started reading it.

  2. I can't wait to hear more about this, it sounds good! Best of luck!!

  3. Hey Marrok! Your book sounds amazing and nice job on that tag;)

    1. Hello Ry! First off thank you for stopping by and dropping a comment. I hope you find your time here to be enjoyable!

      Thank you Ry! Yeah I had to barrow your tag for this week. Thing where a little busy.

  4. Ok this sounds VERY interesting, honestly I am really looking forward to hearing more on this...the premise is freshly non cliche and the character is charming. I'm loving the whole thing Marrok, a big thumbs up to you on Quantum Gears!

    1. Thanks Anna! I'm glad it doesn't sound cliché, since I was trying to go for something new and fresh. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out.

  5. Your story sounds sooo cool and interesting! I'm really looking forward to reading it! :D Haha, I really like the preview. ;)

    1. Thanks Karyssa! yes I though that was very clever preview :P

  6. Ooh, sounds exciting that for sure! Can't wait to start!

  7. Great synopsis! I like how you did it.
    I want to read it once you've published it!
    Ty and I have something in common! Our hair and favorite color. ;)

    1. Well Your in luck, the official lunch of this serial story is today!

      Oh how cool!

  8. This sounds very cool, Marrok! I can't wait for the first part to be released! :D

    audrey caylin


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