Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

     Hello everyone! I knows it's been awhile and I'm sorry about that. There is really no excuse. I've missed writing to you all and I hope that will change. I really don't have anything all that exciting this time to say but I wanted to reach out today and say a little something to you all.

       Today is Thanksgiving. In the grand scream of life it's little more then a bump in the road to Christmas. But have we stopped to really think about it. Why do we stop today and "give thanks?". What is there today to give thanks for? That is the question I will leave with you today.

     I use to give thanks in that normal "thanks for family, friends and food" way. But there was really no meaning behind it. For me it had become mundane. It's like that old saying goes, Familiarity breeds contempt. And I'm quite familiar with today. It lost it's light.

     But this year is different. I look out today and by God's grace I see things in a new light.

    Sure I'm thankful for everyday of life I'm given. But today I'm thankful God has given me this Day.

This day to worship Him.
This day to serve Him.
This day to see His undeserved goodness to me.
This day to remember what He did for me on that Cross.
This day to enjoy the family He has given me.
This day to enjoy the friends He has given me.
This day to enjoy the blessing He blessed me with.

Lord I am thankful everyday for new life, for the things you do for me. But today... Today I'm thankful you've given me This day.

You've shown me another kindness I didn't earn.
You've showed me the light of another sunrise that I did not paint. You've given me another cool day that I did not wish for.
You've given me another day that I did not create.
You've given me time, I know not where it comes or where it goes but You've chosen to bless me with more.
You have given me the chance to serve you in new ways today.

Lord I thank you everyday, but today I thank You for This day. 
There are others out there I know who will not be able to see their loved ones.

There are those who won't enjoy your blessing today.
There are those who won't enjoy the time, family, friends, and food you've given me.

So I pray for them. I pray they see Your kindness, goodness and holiness. Today Lord, today I think of all You've given this wrenched sinner and I thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Until Next Time, Thank the King for His kindness!


  1. A thought provoking post. Very well written!
    Good reminder. :D
    I was JUST thinking; "hmm, haven't seen Marrok post for awhile..." nevermind, I guess! XD
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. This was great! Happy Thanksgiving, Marrok!

  3. This was amazing! Happy Thanksgiving, Marrok! :D

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Rockie! What a great thing to be thankful for - it's better to take each day one at a time and just be thankful for that. Thank you for sharing, and I'm thankful for you and this blog! Hope you had a great day Rockie. :)

  5. Wow, awesome post. I was on hiatus, so I didn't see it when it came out, but you're right. We should thank God for what we have. It all came from Him.

    Totally random, but do you know how I can contact Adriana from your book cover post? I have a question for her, which I asked on the post, but its already been about a month.


    1. A month since the post, not my comment. I need to do better at clarifying things. XD

  6. That was a really nice post! I really like your blog! - June

  7. Always give thanks to God. Have a blessed day ahead.


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