Tuesday, December 19, 2017

12 Day's of Christmas Tag

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've talked with you all (this is starting to feel familiar).  How are you all doing? I know I've had my challenges this past month or so since I've last really post. But I'm here to do a quick Christmas tag. Why? Because it's almost Christmas and Faith P. is doing her annual 12 Days of Christmas blog post party thingy! Make sure to check it out and all the other bloggers taking part in it!

Now on to the tag!

– Link back to the 12 Days of Christmas blog party or use the party graphic
– Answer the 10 questions
– Have fun!


1 // Christmas is the season of hope, joy, and light.
What’s your favorite thing to make this season bright?
Ummm... Fire? Yeah fire! Or more accurately... FIRE!!
I just like watching the fire burn with family or friends.

2 // Reading of the Christmas story, lighting the tree –
Which tradition is most special to you?
Hummm... Lighting the tree?...
That's probably not what she meant. I like putting up lights up outside at night with my family. That is a pretty fun time. 

3 // Festive old hymns or glorious new tunes –
What are you listening to on repeat?
Right now I've been listening to two 1) Hark the herald angels sing.
And 2) Merry Christmas everyone by Rend Collective.

4 // Fiction and nonfiction, classics and contemporary –
Which Christmas books do you love so much that you just have to re-read every year?

Hahaha well see the funny thing is... I've never read one. So if you got a good one please leave the title and author in the comments so I can check it out. Remember people this is for the greater good here!

5 // Trees and nativities, bells and bows –
Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration?
Can I say antlers? I've never had some as Christmas decorations but I saw some in Walmart and though they looked really cool. 

6 // From the prophets to the gospels, the timeless story is woven.
Which Bible passage that speaks of our Savior birth holds a special place in your heart?
Ooo that's a hard one... This is too difficult! I can't chose just one!
From Gen 3:15 (where the promise of the Savior is given) till His coming in the Gospels are all so great. I can't just chose one as if they others have no meaning to me. What about the rest of you? 

7 // Glittery snowflakes and shimmering balls to angels and one-of-a-kind creations.
Do you have a favorite tree ornament?
I use too, it was a little thing my ma got for me when I was just a little lad. It was a frosty the snowman spinning inside a fake snow globe. It was my favorite until it got all broken.

8 // Red and green, silver and gold, even purple and blue!
What's your favorite color scheme this time of year?
Red and Gold or Silver and Blue. Those are some really nice colors. Red and Gold are very warm and welcoming colors while Silver and Blue remind me of an icy frost that I've never seen.

9 // Between the old and the new, the classics and the cartoons,
which Christmas movie do you come back to year after year?
Almost all of them. Mickeys once and twice upon a Christmas, The Christmas card, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, A Loony Toons Christmas carol. They are some of my favorites that I'll watch over and over again.

10 // Pies and cakes, cookies and sweets.
What's your favorite Christmas treats?
This is a hard question, especially because I've been trying to cut back
on the sugars I've been eating. Maybe some good homemade
cookies or brownies.

And that is all for this Christmas tag. Make sure to check out Faith's blog
For more Christmas fun. I'll be back on the 22ed with another Christmas post
and hopefully a week (or two) later with QUANTUM GEARS CHAPTER 2!
Until Next time! Stay True to the King!
(Oh yeah this tag is open to anyone and everyone who wants to take part! Have Fun!)


  1. Lol, those first two gifs are hilarious. XD
    Looney Tunes Christmas Carol is AMAZING!! I don't think it plays anymore, but I loved watching it. Looney tunes is the best, honestly.

    Awesome post!

    1. Thanks Ivie! I know, you can almost never go wrong with Looney Tunes? (guess there is another typo :P)

  2. Sorry you've had some challenges lately. Life can be a whirlwind like that. :P
    Haha, that elmo gif made me laugh. And start thinking "Fire...fire..FIIIRE" (Fire Ant. Tim Hawkins.) But I do agree - fire is great and fun, and I wish we had an inside fireplace. At this point of year, it's too cold for an outside one. ^.^
    Nice tag :)

    1. Thank you. It sure can be, but the one constant is always God :D
      I love that Fire Ant song!
      Yes the fireplace it such a nice feature, I'm sorry you don't have one.

    2. Amen to that!
      Haha, me too. It's kind of a Tim Hawkin's classic!

  3. Oh my word, those gifs, haha!! The Christmas Card is a really good movie, it's one of my favorites! White Christmas is one that we watch every year, and it's probably my number one favorite. :)

    Great answers! This looks like a fun tag! :D

  4. Great answers! I also really like The Christmas Card and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! :)

  5. You've never read a Christmas book?! *jaw drop* Start with A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. xD

    Thanks for taking part in the blog party, Marrok!

    1. Yes I know, It's weird but hey if their wasn't someone like me then you couldn't suggest things to me :)

  6. Different post, first time to read this kind of post.


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