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Quantum Gears Chapter 2 (finally!)

Quantum Gears Chapter 2

                                 By: Marrok Macintyre
                          Cover By: Marrok Macintyre 

Special Thanks to these amazing people!

-Karyssa Norton

-Grace Saavedra

-Chloe Linn

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Neral Transmitting Shirt- a shirt that forms to a pilot's body and allows them to use their nervous system as a controller.

Holo-Tab- wearable technology that is used for: Mapping, Note taking, Recording, Calculating, and Projection. It’s basically a super computer that you can wear on your forearm



 Pain raced through Ty’s body as his mind found its way back to consciousness. As he opened his eyes, darkness greeted him and cool air embraced him and his strangely damp shirt. Ty blinked a couple times to see if that would chase away the darkness that covered his vision, but still it would not leave.

Ty groaned as he turned over. His back, legs, and head all screamed in pain. Where am I? Ty thought as he planted his hand on the ice cold floor. Pushing himself up, Ty heard a lot of little cracks and pops. I hope those weren’t important. Once on his feet,Ty took in his new surroundings as a shiver ran through his body. It looked like a black room but he couldn’t really tell because of the severe lack of light.

Looking up, Ty saw the hole he must have fallen through. It looked to be about 15 to 20 feet high, but he couldn’t be sure about the height. Ty took a few steps as he turned his attention back to the room shrouded in darkness. Just then, a green light flashed at the far left of the room. Ty turned to see what had produced the light, but just as quickly as it had appeared it disappeared. Ty started wandering over to where he thought the light source was. Once there, he found a blank wall. There was no light on it, no boxes, it was just a blank wall. Then where did the light come from? Ty ran his hand along the wall as he walked to the other side. Just then his fingers caught a small crack in the wall. Ty ran his hand up and down the crack. To his amazement it was a perfect vertical line.

Ty leaned his face close to it. Just then, the green light flashed. Ty shut his eyes as he pushed himself back, the sudden flash of light burned his eyes and left him temporarily blind. After a minute of rubbing and blinking, Ty’s sight returned and he found a room bathed in green light. It then started to grow brighter before fading to a constant flow of green light.

Ty cocked his head to the side, the pulsing light reminded him of a heart beating. But it seemed faint, as if the heart was dying. Ty started to walk closer to the pulsing light when his radio broke the silence.

“HEY BOY! It’s fifteen minutes past clock out! Get your butt up here!” Don shouted “I ain’t gonna give you over time, especially on your first day!”

Ty unclipped the radio from his vest “Sure thing Don, I’ll be there in five.”

“You’d better be”  mumbled Don before the silence returned.

Ty shook his head as he clipped it back onto the vest. Well I’d better go. Ty thought as he turned to walk away from the green light. Just then the light brightened to an almost blinding flash. Ty turned around once it died down again. It seemed as if the light was begging him to stay, begging for some kind of help.

Confusion twisted Ty’s face as he pondered his options. The light seemed to be pleading with him, but he couldn’t stay down much longer. He had to get out of here and see if Nonnuccio was okay. After a moment more, he looked up to the direction of the light “I’ll be back, don’t worry.” Ty said out loud, more to reassure himself than whatever the light was.

Turning  his back to the light, Ty made his way back to the place he woke up in. It was a good thing the hole he fell through was right next the side of the cave, that way he could just climb out. Ty took one last look at the green light that had pretty much died out now. He shook the nagging out of his head as he started to climb out of the hole. Once he got out, he looked back down the hole.

I don’t want anyone else falling down this. He thought as he looked around for something to cover the entrance . He saw a board not too far away and decided to use that. After he covered it he pushed his heavy cart up the tracks to the entrance of the mine. Once he was close to the entrance he saw Don. A rather unimpressive sight it was to behold. He stood at 5 feet 9 inches,  had a big nose and a white mustache that was longer than his chin. His belly hung over his working pants. And his face was twisted in annoyance. Ty once heard a story in which this big fat guy in a red suit would go around the world and hand out presents to good kids. For some reason Ty thought Don looked like an angry version of that guy.

“Took you long enough! What did you do, stop and take a nap?” Don questioned  as Ty pushed the mine-cart past him.

“Sorry Don, I just got a little distracted with mining.”

Don huffed as he walked over to examine Ty’s cart “Yeaaaahhhh, I bet you did.”

Don pulled out and weighed each quantum crystal, examining it carefully to make sure there were no imperfections in it. After what felt like an hour, Don huffed. “It seems like you know how to mine at the very least.” He turned to Ty, “But you’d better learn how to tell time boy! If your shift ends in five hours then you need to be out here 30 minutes before you shift is over.” Don said in a scolding kind of tone.

Ty nodded. “Yes sir I will.”

Don looked at him with a sour expression. “I’m sure you will,” he said with sarcasm dripping off every word.

He then turned and wrote something down. Ty watched and waited while Don wrote. Don turned an annoyed looked at Ty “What are you still doing here boy? Get your blue crystal junk and get lost!” He said as he threw his thumb over his shoulder, gesturing to the road.
Ty, knowing that Don didn’t seem in the mood to talk, picked up the three blue quantum crystals he had found and started to walk down the road. Before he left the cave he called back to Don, “Thank you sir! Have a nice day!”

Don rolled his eyes and said under his breath, “yeah, yeah, same to you. Now get moving brat.”
Ty smiled as he turned and started walking down the mountain Don is such a grump, but he can’t help trying his hardest to not be nice.  Ty walked in silence as the cold air nipped at his skin and his sore muscles. He looked up to see the sun starting to rise over the peaks of the mountains. Light rays danced on the morning clouds in a way that made them seem as if they were on fire. Thanks to the mist that filled the valley, Ty could see the light rays move down from the peaks to the town.

Once he reached home, Ty placed his stuff down on a nearby table and walked up to see how Nonnuccio was doing. As Ty softly pushed open the door  he heard Nonnuccio humming. Once Ty stepped in, Nonnuccio smiled. “How is my grandson doing?”

Ty smiled “Just fine Nonnuccio” Ty then walked over and took a seat at the chair near the bed. “Are you hungry?”

Nonnuccio smiled back “Not yet Tito, first read to me.” He said as he tapped a black cover book. “Don’t you remember where we left off?”

Ty laughed. “no I don’t remember, where were we?” He asked as he picked the book up.
“Joseph’s brothers just threw him in the pit.” Nonnuccio said, “how could you forget that? And you say I am the one losing my mind!”

A smile ran across his face as he combed his grandfather’s hair with his fingers. “I didn’t forget, I just didn’t remember.” Ty said in response to the joke his grandfather just made. “Who knows, maybe we are both losing our minds.”

After a brief laugh from his grandfather, Ty started reading.
After Ty finished his shift with Mr. Roberts, he swung by home to check on Nonnuccio and to pick up his blue box of tools. Once he kissed his grandfather goodnight, Ty grabbed his box of tools and headed towards the mine. He was still a little stiff from all the work and yesterday’s fall, but he couldn’t just leave that light there- whatever it was. Something about the way it flashed called to Ty.

After checking in with Mike, Ty went straight to his tunnel and started mining. If I want to check that thing out without jeopardizing this job I’d better make sure to get the same quota of crystals I got yesterday.

So Ty hacked at the earth with all the strength his muscles would give. After a grueling 2 hours of  smashing rocks, Ty’s arms felt like hot wax. He tossed the last of the crystals he was mining into the cart and let his aching body fall to the floor.

I…just need… five minutes…

Breathing heavily, Ty leaned against the cave wall. His sweat soaked shirt clung uncomfortably to his skin as his muscles pulsed with a burning pain. Ty laid his head against the cave wall as his eyelids grew heavy. He tried to fight off the sleep that beckoned him.  And just when it seemed he would lose the fight, a flash of green caught his eye. The hole he fell into yesterday was lit with green light for a moment before it faded.

Ty struggled to stand as his muscles screamed. They ached and pulled for him to stay, for him to give into the sleep that called him. It was almost as if he could hear them speaking to him, telling him to rest away and not go to the green light.

I…I do need rest… If…If I wear myself out… then what?…

 Ty looked to the hole in the cave floor. Darkness was the only thing that greeted his eye.

It would still be there if I just slept for a few minutes.

Just then, as in response to his fatigue, green light flashed in the darkness. But unlike before it didn’t fade. It seemed to glow brighter and brighter, urging Ty to come down.

Wait what am I thinking?! Ty thought as he threw the pickax down. He walked over to the hole the green light was coming from. I came here for that light. Whatever it is, it is calling for help.

Ty looked down into the room beneath his feet, green light flooding it in waves. Thanks to the light, Ty could see a ledge he could jump to before jumping down to the floor. Ty lowered himself on to the ledge with a groan, every muscle in his body screamed with the tingling pain of soreness.

If I keep pushing myself like this…Ty thought as he rubbed his sore arms I’ll break.

As Ty perched on the ledge  he took the time to really look at the room for the first time. He stood in a room filled with all kinds of machines. Robotic arms on tracks hung down from the ceiling. Half built machines littered the floor. Five long tables with microchips and soldering equipment  lined three of the walls. Ty noticed that the tracks on the ceiling led into the room where the green light was coming from. As he climbed down, doubts filled Ty’s mind.

What are you doing here? If you’re late you’ll get fired, and without this job how will you take care of Nonnuccio? Do you really think there will be anything behind there that will help you find them? Help you find her? Do you really think whatever is behind that door will make you special? You never have been and never will be! That’s why she left! We should leave now before you get in trouble, or worse.

Ty stopped a moment, the words playing in his head made sense. He stood about 15 feet away from him and a door that could change his life.
But what if the change is one for the worse? Ty thought as he looked at the dimming green light. This could all just be a big waste of time that I can’t afford.

And as if in response to his thoughts, the green light blazed back to life, making its final plea for Ty’s help. A lump formed in the back of his throat. He could hear his own heartbeat slowing down. It was as if all of time had stopped to watch the decision he would make.

Just then a ghostly figure of Nonnuccio stood at his side

Tito The figure whispered Why are you just standing there? You know how to fix it, go and help!

Ty realized it was the memory of his first time working in a repair shop, but why was he seeing this? Ty shook his head as he tried to clear all the weirdness and voices going through his mind. Looking up at the door, Ty made his decision. Forcing his legs to move forward he inched closer and closer to the door. Once at the door, Ty grabbed it and pulled. Ty’s muscles and the door hinges groaned as he pulled open the door. Ty now stood at the threshold, his body being bathed in green light as he took the final step to enter the room. The light that was previously shining suddenly stopped as Ty walked into the room. Darkness quickly embraced Ty and the room.

Oh great, now what? Ty thought as he fumbled for the flashlight on his belt. I hope I didn’t just fail some test.

Ty turned on the flashlight and began to wave it around. The room didn’t seem terribly different from the previous one. Tables lined the walls, the smell of motor oil filled the stale air. As Ty walked in, he scanned the floor for any potential hazards when -THUNK-  pain burst from the front of his head and he quickly dropped the light to grab his forehead. He knelt down as he rubbed his head.

 How did I run into something? There was nothing in front… of… me? Biting back on the pain Ty pushed his hand forward in the darkness. There wasn’t anything in front of him, but as he waved his hand back and forth he felt this rope thing hit his hand. Taking hold of it, Ty followed it’s path up as he slowly stood back to his feet. Midway up the rope, a big object stuck to the rope. Using both hands he started to trace out the object.

Just then there was a green flash from above as the ground rattled beneath his feet.7 Ty fell back as the green light dimmed. All the air from his lungs seemed to be pulled out as he looked in the direction of the light. Every muscle in his body froze as he saw where the green light that brought him there originated from. The green eyes of a half built Jotun stared straight at Ty.

“No way…” Ty whispered as he stood back up.

Before him hanging from the ceiling, a Jotun with barely more than a head and torso hung. Ty examined it as he walked around it What is this doing here? Ty stopped and stared straight at its head again I’ve never seen a Jotun with a head construction like this.

As Ty was about to further examine the Jotun, a siren sounded followed by a red flash. Ty turned around as his radio want off.  “All available men to section G!”

Ty looked at the Jotun then in the direction of the exit. Looking up into the Jotun’s slightly glowing eyes Ty said “I’ll be back for you!” He then quickly pulled out a small disk-like object from his back pocket, clicked the center, and threw it onto the Jotun. Turning on his heals, he ran out of the room. Within a few short minutes Ty was out of the secret room and on his way down to section G. Once he got there, there were already men rushing everywhere. A wall of rock now stood where the entrance to section G had been. Ty grabbed at one of the men running by

“What’s going on?” Ty shouted over all the voices barking orders and swearing.

“Mike and his group are trapped by the cave-in!” The man said in an out-of-breath voice.

“Where is the golem pilot?” Ty asked

If he is here, then we can get them out before they suffocate.

With big eyes the guy shouted “On the other side of that!” He then started to run off. “Now get to work!!”

Ty looked at all the men rushing about, fear gripping their faces. Whether that was fear for themselves or for Mike and his crew, Ty couldn’t tell.

They won’t be able to reach him fast enough like this, we need the golem.

After a moment of thinking Ty took off running back up the hill that lead out of section G.

  As Ty ran, his muscles started to feel numb, his knees and ankles buckled as he ran. Come on! Not now body, just hold on a little longer!

  Once out of G. Ty took off at a dead run. He knew he had a little under a mile before he got to section E, where they kept the golem. As he ran he replaced his current shirt with a red long-sleeve that had this black dots on the arms, ribs, back, and shoulders. He then pressed a small button on the bottom of the sleeve. The shirt then started to shine and form to his body.

Okay the transmitter has formed to me, Ty thought as he ran past section F. Now comes the painful part of having it recognize my nervous system. Man I hate needles!

     Ty clicked another button on the sleeve. His face winched as a needle located on every black dot pierced his skin and sent a small electrical charge throughout his nervous system. The shirt sent a light wave from the the middle of the chest that flowed to the end of the fabric as a signal that the integration was now complete.

Ty had now reached the golem and started to climb into the pilot’s room. Since this golem was designed to work in the mines, it wasn’t over 10 feet tall. It looked like the fusion of a tank and scorpion with a drill for a tail instead of a stinger. Ty closed the hatch to the pilot's chamber; it was a little room about six feet tall, located just above the tank treads and under the scorpion arms. He remove pushed the red on button located on the wall of the pilot’s chamber. Metal leg braces slapped onto the sides of his legs as the golem rumbled to life. The room filled with light as the previously dark walls lit up with images of the surrounding cave. The shirt Ty had on tightened and loosened as it adjusted to the controls of the golem.

System link established; ready for operations

“Open full movement and head straight for section G at full speed!” Ty shouted.

Orders acknowledged;

The golem sped down the hill toward Section G. Darkness embraced the golem, and pain shot through Ty’s body, while a frantic voice could be heard over the radio.

 Hold on Mike. I’m almost there!

Early morning sunlight streamed into Ty’s room. Ty grimaced at the light that was now invading his previous darkness. Knowing that the morning had started, and the fact that he had to check on Nonnuccio, Ty forced his body to rise. Ty stretched his still sleeping body, in response to pain that shot through his body.  

AAaaa! Ty thought as he recoiled and rubbed the muscles that pinched with soreness Why am I so sore?

Just then, as Ty looked down at a red circle on his arm, memories of the previous night flooded his mind. The unfinished Jotun, the cave-in, controlling the ground golem, and speeding down to section G to help Mike and his crew.

  What happened next?! Ty screamed in his mind as he ran his hands through his hair. Did I get to Mike and his crew in time?!

As Ty mulled over his missing memories, and whether he got to Mike in time, the doorbell rang. The sound of the dull electric buzzing shook Ty from his thoughts. Whoever was at the door was now doing a combination of ringing the bell and knocking. Ty stood up and started for his door, grabbing the red NTS as he exited the room. After pulling the shirt on in the hallway Ty looked down to Nonnuccio’s room. He paused for a moment to watch his Grandfather’s chest slowly rise and fall. Pain seized his chest for a moment as he watched his once strong, happy, laughing Nonnuccio confined to a bed. The constant buzzing and knocking drew Ty’s attention back to the door. As he walked down the stairs he saw two silhouetted figures behind the tinted glass. One seemed to be fidgeting a lot while the other patiently waited.

Once at the bottom Ty opened the door. As the door opened, Mrs. McOlen burst into the house followed by her husband Mike. Ty stumbled back a few steps as Mrs. McOlen grabbed him in an embrace.

“Easy dear,” came Mike’s voice from the back, “it’s still early, the boy probably hasn’t recovered fully yet.”

Ty nodded in agreement as Mrs. McOlen looked at him. His body had not yet recovered from the grueling work of the night before, and Mrs. McOlen’s hug didn’t help. Ty thought he would snap in half if she didn’t stop soon.

“I know that Mike!” Mrs. McOlen shot at her husband as she released Ty from her death grip. “I wasn’t squeezing the life out of him-”

That wasn’t squeezing?! Ty thought as she turned to point a finger at her husband.

“After all, I was just showing the boy a little gratitude for saving my nincompoop husband, who decided to drop the cave ceiling on his own head!”

“I didn’t do it on purpose, woman!” Mike said as he shook his head “It collapsed because of an earthquake that hit the town to the east of us.”

Mike walked over to Ty.“Or someone ate one of her brownies.”

Mrs. McOlen huffed at Mike as she slapped his arm. “Oh you!”

Ty laughed as he saw the old miner and his wife. They reminded him of this old couple he saw once in an old movie. Ty couldn’t remember much about the movie besides the old bickering couple, large rodents, and a man dressed in black. Ty cleared his throat as the older couple went back and forth about what was worse, Mrs. McOlen brownies or a cave-in.  

“Ehham!”  Ty said a little louder to get the old bickering couple’s attention. “I love the fact that you two came by today, but why come all the way out here when you could have just phoned?” Ty inquired as he pointed to the wall-hanging phone.

“Well that’s because-” the McOlens said in unison, then stopped to give each other the stink eye.

“It was my life that was saved,” started Mike, “so I’ll be the one that tells him, dear!”
Mrs. McOlen wore her unpleasantness about the decision upon her face. “That’s fine by me, it’s not like I wanted to tell him or anything.”

“Tell me what?”

“That Mr. Roberts and I are giving you the next seven days & nights off, with pay!” Mike shouted.

In response to his shouting, Mrs. McOlen slapped the back of her husband’s head. “You gnome! His grandfather is trying to sleep!”

Mike looked apologetically back to Ty. “I’m sorry.”

“No need,” Ty said a he waved off the apology, “Nonnuccio is a heavy sleeper, but why 7 days off? I can get back to work within a day. You and Mr. Roberts know I’ll be able to get back to work within a day.”

Mike smiled. “Well you see, while I was trapped in the mine my life flashed before my eyes,” Mike seemed to go from his usual self to a more solemn mood, “and as I watched my life go by, I saw a continuing theme, work.” Placing his hand on Ty’s shoulder, he looked into his eyes. “You are a hard worker Ty, no one is doubting that. You’re still a young man, and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Work is good and everything, but the good Lord gave us all a limited time here on earth. He gives us moments that will never come back, that is why we must make the best of every single one of them. But when was the last time you slept in? The last time you hung out with the guys? The last time you went for a swim in the lake? The last time you spent a day doing nothing? When was the last time you enjoyed the life you were given?”

Ty looked from Mike’s eyes to Mrs. McOlen, then back to Mike. “Ummm… I-I…” Ty’s forehead began to pulse with pain. He was racing through the last 17 years of memory looking for what Mike asked.
“…I-I don’t know…”
The words finally left his mouth. As they did, something hit him. The last time he truly enjoyed life was 12 years ago. As the memories of that fun day flashed over Ty’s eyes, pain tugged at his heart. For that was the last time he saw his dad. His mind went from the day spent with a one time friend to his dad pulling the blankets over him. Explaining to a young Ty that he was going away to work in Venuseylum and that he would be back in a month.  After that day Ty and Nonnuccio started taking little odd jobs in Marsville to support themselves.

“Ty! Can you hear me boy?!”

Ty shook off his foggy mind as Mike’s voice broke the memory. “What was that Mike?”

“I said I want you to take seven days off. Do something you enjoy for a change! Hang out with friends, run to the lake, watch the day go by from under a tree. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you an’t breaking any laws! Just go and enjoy the time you have as a young man!”
Ty was about to answer when Mike pulled his arm and inspected the red dots on it
“Mr. Roberts told me you had never used a Neural Transmitting Shirt before.”

Mike picked the red dot on his wrist. Ty’s face wrenched as pain shot through his arm.

“Just as I thought” Mike said as he let go of Ty’s arm “Usually the time required to let the NTS integrate with your neural system is five days.” Casting a look at Ty, Mike continued “How long did you give it? Five seconds?”

“No!” Ty protested.

“Well how long then?”

“About 15 seconds” Ty said, though the tone of his voice betrayed the confidence in his own statement.

Mrs. McOlen came up next to Ty and placed her hand on his shoulder. In that moment the fighter seemed to have left Mrs. McOlen, and some kind older lady stood in her place.

“That is exactly why you need those days off. Your body underwent a procedure in less than 15 seconds that usually takes five days. Your nervous system must be in shock.”

The years of being a nurse started to show as Mrs. McOlen started off on a long explanation of the damage he could have caused himself. She then stuck her finger in his face.

“The decision has already been made, young man!” She started pushing Ty towards the door.
“Hey-wait!” I guess that kind older lady that was here a few second ago is officially gone.

“No buts mister! You’re relaxing for the next 7 days and that begins today!” was Mrs. McOlen’s reply as she shoved Ty towards the open door.

“UMMMmmm, dear,” came the timid yet laughing voice of Mike, “maybe Ty should put on some pants before starting the day?”

Mrs. McOlen looked down and saw that indeed Ty was in rather short PJ shorts. She then proceeded to slap him on the shoulder. “What are you doing going out dressed like that boy?!” Mrs. McOlen said with correction in her voice, “don’t you men have any decency? Mike and I will watch your grandfather for you today. Go get dressed!”

“Yes, Ma’am!” was Ty’s only response as he ran up the stairs. He had known Mrs. McOlen long enough to know when she starts commanding it’s better to get going.
Before going into his room, Ty continued down the hall to Nonnuccio’s room. As he walked in, he saw Nonnuccio awake and smiling. Once in the room, Ty took a seat next to his grandfather’s bed. As he sat down the old man turned to face his grandson.

“It sounds… like Mike and Olivia… are downstairs,” Nonnuccio said as he reached out to take Ty’s hand, “I’ve… heard  of what… you’ve done Tito.”

Ty smiled down at his grandfather “It wasn’t anything special, I just wanted to make sure everyone got out okay. You know… if I have the ability to help someone else then I should, right?”

Nonnuccio laughed a little before a cough took over. It took a moment before the coughing died down and the man was able to continue “You still… remember that… from when… you were little?”

“Of course!” Ty said as he remembered the first day Nonnuccio started teaching him lessons from a big black leather bound book he called The Instruction Manual for Life.

As Ty looked at his grandfather, he remembered what he found in the cave “Nonnuccio, what I came up here to tell you was that down in the mine I found-” Ty hesitated for a moment as he looked around the room. He listened to hear if Mike and his wife were still downstairs. Their voices reached his ears and it still sounded like they were on the topic of brownies. Ty took a quick scan of the room. He lowered his face closer to his smiling grandfather and spoke in a hushed tones “I found a half-built Jotun in an underground lab.”

As the words left his mouth, Nonnuccio’s face lit up as he pulled Ty close to whisper into his ear.“The Lord has… answered this… old man’s prayers.”

Ty arched his eyebrows. “What prayers?”

“That you would… be able to… reach your dream…” Nonnuccio then pulled at Ty’s NTS “Go Tito… finish building it… find your father… look for your mother… and save the world.”

Ty smiled as his grandfather recited his childhood dream “I see you still remember that, but I could never leave you Nonnuccio.”

Sternness filled his grandfather’s voice. “No!… You are meant… for more… than this…” He said as he pointed out the window to Marsville, “our world… is lost… They need someone… to point them back… to the path… of life. Anyways,” Nonnuccio chuckled at his next words, “Once finished… you can take this… old man… on an overdue… vacation.”

Ty smiled. “Okay I will. Then we can both look for Pape. But to go and fix it, I’ll have to leave you with Mike and his wife for today. Is that okay with you?”

Nonnuccio nodded. “It’s fine… now… stop wasting… time. Go… rebuild your… destiny.”

Ty nodded and stood up. “Okay.” And with that, he kissed his grandfather’s forehead and turned to leave. Before leaving the room, he turned back to Nonnuccio, “I’ll be back later tonight!” He then left to change his shorts and gather his tools. Within ten minutes he was out heading towards the mountain.

The sky was clear and the sun was warm as Ty pulled a hover cart filled with different kinds of tools. He looked down to a holo-tab, which provided a 3-D map of the surrounding mountain.

It’s a good thing I left that tracker in there. Ty thought as a red dot popped up on the holo-map. According to the map, the place he was heading to was an abandoned research facility built and owned by the Winter family. It would draw a lot of unwanted attention to go through the mine. I wouldn’t want the ‘freedom fights’ or the Winter family to know a Jotun was still there.

After about 30 minutes of walking the mountain path, Ty found at the end of the trail, two 50-foot-tall rusted iron doors embedded into the mountain side. As he got closer, he saw a small door to the right of the large iron ones. Time had done its worst to the door and it seemed ready to just fall apart as Ty gently pushed it open. Once inside the lab Ty paused for a moment and clicked a button on his holo-tab. It made a low, then high, clicking noise for about a minute as the holo-tab mapped the inside of the building. Once finished, Ty found the quickest route to the red dot and pulled his tools towards it.

Once he reached the room he stopped to look at the half-built Jotun.

“Well I’m back!” Ty said as he walked over to an electrical panel and started turning switches.

The lights in the room started to flicker with life as he walked over to a computer attached to the Jotun. As he plugged in his holo-tab, a 3-D image of a fully built robot appeared above it.


For a moment I thought you had abandoned me.

Ty’s heart dropped as an unfamiliar, eerie voice echoed through the room.
“Hello?” Ty said in a louder voice as he unplugged his holo-tab. “Is anyone there?”

He slowly turned away from the computer and surveyed the room. It was the exact same as before: a large room with robotic parts, computers, and other electrical equipment scattered around. And, besides the half built Jotun, there was no place someone could hide. Ty started walking around the room as he searched for origin of the noise. The voice echoed again.

It’s been awhile hasn’t it, old friend?

To be Continued in Chapter 3...

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    1. It is I! the once though dead Marrok!

      Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that, since that is one of my goals in this story is that it builds a very clear picture in the readers head (since most of the action will be very visual)

  6. Great job, Marrok! Can't wait to read the next chapter! :)

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