Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Bookish Q&A Tag

      Hello everyone! I know I've been gone for a while. I know, I know, this gif was basically me after my last post.

    The Hulk represents finals, but now I'm finished so yeah! Anyways S.M Metzler over at Tea with Tumnus (if you haven't checked her out then I don't know what your still doing here. Goooo!) Tagged me with this thing called Bookish Q&A Tag. And since I'm getting back into the swing of things now that I'm on summer break, I though to myself

"Self, it would be fun to kick stuff off with a fun tag"

So here I am doing it.

(Just between you and me I don't know if I would call myself a bookworm so this tag is gonna get funky)  

Q1: What books do you remember reading that kick-started your bookworm habit?

When I was six I started reading Little House on the Prairie By Laura Ingalls Wilder... (Long pause for dramatic effect)

That is, of course, a joke. I have not and don't really plan on reading that series.

    Now to actually answer the question...

    I think I was about 12 or 13, I read The Cruse of the Spider King by Christopher Hopper and Wayne Thomas Batson. It was that book that caused my love of the fiction and fantasy genre 

Q2: What genre, or genres, would you normally choose? 
         Oh that's easy, I would chose, hands down, without a second though, without a doubt, any other words I can throw in to make this longer while I think? Would be Science Fictions, Fantasy, and Post-Apocalyptic. The reason is because it is within those genre's that the imagination can play around a little more. I'm not saying every other genre out there is an imaginationless place, it's just that I like more imagination intertwined into the stories I read. 

Q3: Do you eat while you read and if yes, what exactly?

   For those of you who like to keep pages clean don't read my answer..... Are they gone?... Good...

     YES! I like to snack on chips, fruits, nuts, meat, other eat-able objects... hahaha yup I like food.

Q4: Are there any scenes from your favorite novels that you remember vividly?
      First off let me just say how bad this question is, it is a total spoiler question to anyone who hasn't read my favorite novel... Caaaaaaaaa....

     But yes I do. It was when main character 6 named Johnny discovers his gift that took him for extra 5 to main character 6... That's all I'm gonna say :)

Q5: Were there any least favorites?

Q6: So, as you’re a bookworm, what are you reading currently today? (Optional)

     Well as an honorary bookworm I'm reading

Orphans song written by some person

Samara's Peril By Jaye

And something else about some half orc dude

Q7: How’s it getting along for you? (Optional)

    It's going a little something like this

    I haven't had the time to read books for pleasure, only homework books. Give me a week to recover then I'll start reading again.

Q8: Have you then got a large bookshelf, or do you plan to?

      Thinking to myself... self this is where they find out I'm not a bookworm...

   Well no... I would like to one day. See I only buy hard copy books that interests me. The only problem is that there isn't a ton out there that interest me because I'm super high maintenance when it comes to picking something to read.

Q9: Do you have a liking to indie or traditional books?

    Well that really depends. If the author can tell a good story and keep my attention I don't really care if it's indie or traditional. But if they can't and the story is bad and the characters are weak and the plot isn't that interesting then I'll throw the book out with the medium (to a degree, kinda, I just really throw the book out the window while yelling "That sucked bro!!!")

Q10: And lastly, do you plan to promote reading in some way, or already are?

    Well you know I haven't really deiced yet. I mean I'm currently doing a serial story, and a run a weird blog, and then there is the fact that you are in the middle, or at lest more towards the end, of me written random words down that make coherent sentences (sometimes)... Do I want to promote reading... No! DO THIS INSTEAD! 

 But if you can't do this you should probably do this instead

I think it would be safer then the other thing.

Well now that is over I'm going to be doing the tagging a little differently this time, Anyone who comments is automatically tagged for this Ha! Good luck reading that. Hey guys it's fun to be done with school, and boy do I got some cool stuff to write about! But I'll save that for next time.

Until then, Stay True to the King!


  1. I was recommended to Curse of the Spider King years ago... But have never picked it up. I also need to eventually check out the other books that that guy wrote (The Door Within)... And a host of other books.
    I totally understand what you mean about school eating your reading time. I just took the College Mathematics CLEP test today... AND PASSED!!! I feel like Frodo after throwing the Ring into Mount Doom... Now I can get back to the Silmarillion! Oh wait... I have to work on American Government next. :(
    OOPS! I commented... Eventually I will do it, eventually (it's about books and reading right?? I have to do it).

    1. Well I personally think the Curse of the Spider King is his best series, but I could be biased.
      Wooohooooo! Congrats on passing! Too bad I haven't seen the Lord of the Rings to understand that reference. I'm sure you can get it done!
      Yeah! you just basically answer the same questions I did :D

  2. Yeah.... I think I'll just go to the library. *flies to library*

    See, now I'm curious, what is your favorite book?? :P

    Danielle | silverphoenixwriter.blogspot.com (Snapper)

    1. Hahaha probably a better idea :D

      Well one of my favorites is Curse of the Spider King.

      Thanks for stopping by Danielle!

  3. Ha! Ha! I love the GIF's. I also love the joke about Little house on the prairie! Books are awesome!!
    - Jose

    1. Thanks Jose! I'm glad you got a laugh out of them!

  4. Very funny post! The GIF's were really funny! Have you read any of Terri blackstock's books? She's one of my favorite authors. -June

    1. Thanks June, No I haven't yet, but thanks for letting me know I'll check them out! I love suggestions!

  5. I'm going to pretend I didn't read the answer to Question 3....Just kidding. XD I'll eat on occasion while reading (I mean, I kind of have to if I want to eat since I'm always reading. ;) Again, just kidding), but I am probably over careful because I am definitely a clean-book kind of person. My family makes fun of me for it...!
    Welcome back to the blogging world, and congrats on finishing finals!

    1. Well hay I give everyone a fair chance not to read that answer. Hahahahaha I guess you like to multitask

      Thanks Rae! It's nice to be back

  6. Welcome back!
    It's been ages since I've read The Curse of the Spider King. Never could get into Little House on the Prairie, though.

    1. Thanks Blue! Same! Still one of my favorites though :D
      hahahaha I guess we have that in common :)

  7. Yeah, sorry, who are you and why are you popping up in my blogger feed??


    JK, this was fun to read. XD

    I'm indifferent on the whole eating while reading thing. I don't want books to be dirty, but I'm not a stickler about it. XD

    Great answers.

    1. Me? I'm Marrok, and I'm taking over the blogging world one blog at a time :D

      Thanks! Yeah I like to snack so I'm like "It's just paper, bring on the chips!"

  8. Fun tag to read. The GIF's you used are so funny.


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