Thursday, October 27, 2016

Intro/Giveaway post

              Hello Everyone and welcome to my first Blog Post. I'm Marrok, Marrok MacIntyre. Since this is my first post I thought I would briefly state what I’ll be doing on this blog before I get into the giveaway. I will be reviewing books, comics, and movies (See the Angry Badger for movie reviews) from a Christian stand point. Now I won’t be reviewing all books, comics, and movies as some go against my Christian principles. Well that’s nice, Thank you. Wait you can hear me? Kind of. Don’t be surprised if I pretend to be the reader. Oh, interesting. So like I’m the reader and the writer? No I’m the writer you’re the reader. Oh okay, so I have a few questions... Okay shoot.

First question: Why are you reviewing comics? Aren’t those things bad/nasty and something a Christian shouldn’t be reading?

Great question, the reason I am reviewing comics is because I believe I can help Christians who are looking for good comics. Yes, it is true that some comics are nasty and shouldn’t be read. But that also goes for movies, books, and music. I hope that maybe a Christian looking to get into comics would find my review's helpful. Not all comics are good, but when you find a good one it's great because they are a beautiful combination of art and writing.

Okay. Time for my second question: Why are you reviewing movies? Aren’t there plenty of movie review sties already?

That’s a good question. I guess the short answer would be because I’m sick of bias movie reviews. If you look up a movie on a review site (even the Christian ones) if one person says it’s dumb then they all say it’s dumb even if the movie isn’t really that bad. And more often then not their review leaves an impression and we view the movie the same way. When a movie is reviewed it’s done with an opinion, and as we all know not everyone shares the same opinion. So I will strive to provide an opinion free review (what is in there and recommended viewing age), then I will give you my opinionated review on the movie (whether or not I liked it or not).

Okay whatever (insert sarcastic Ironman voice here). Third question: So are you a writer or a comic geek? Will all your post be reviews?

Thank you that's a great question as well. I am a writer, artist, and comic geek. No, not all of my post will be reviews, I’ll post about stuff I like. I’ll make post about writing. I’ll make post about art. I’ll make post about nerdy geeky stuff. Maybe I’ll even make a random rant post now and then.

Okay cool. Final question: Will you have a posting schedule?

Most defiantly, hopefully, yes. I’ll be posting either a comic/book review, movie review, or other post every Thor’s-day Thursdays (Unless I was hit by a meteor or was kidnapped by mutant penguins). So that over the weekend you’ll have something to read. Because let’s face it, during the week it is too chaotic to read a blog, but the weekend is a nice time to read a post.

Oh okay. Thank you for answering my questions. No problem. Thank you for stopping by. Oh wait before you leave don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

I'm a generous guy and don't want anyone to leave here empty handed if you don't win ether of the giveaways, so I offer two links;

The first will take you to a FREE copy of John W. Otte’s Failstate HERE  (and eBook about superheroes).

The second will take you to a FREE comic called Avengers: Heroes Welcomed #1 HERE (as a side note there are two or three times Dam* is said)
A very special thank you to Jaye L. Knight and Rae for taking part in my blog launch.
  Well that’s all. Till next time, stay True to the King!
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