Thursday, November 3, 2016

Q & A Blog Tag

Hey everyone and welcome back to a new post. I was recently tagged by Rae -Thanks by the way Rae!- for this thing and thought I would make this my second blog post
another Q&A really? Didn’t you just do like 3 Q&A’s?
Yes, yes I did. But hey might as well do another
 Oh boy, here we go again.
Cool! love the optimism! 
I was being sarcastic.
Oh...well...Okay let’s get into this Q&A tag

1)  What is your favorite Season?

Winter by far is my go to season! I love the cold feeling winter brings.

2)   What is your favorite hot drink?

I’m a tea guy. So Tea! now I can’t choose which tea is my favorite but I love to try new flavors.

3)  Do you have a favorite author? (Or top 3)

Let’s see. I like the way Jon S. Lewis writers (author of the C.A.H.O.S Novel) Geoff Johns is a pretty good author of comics :) and last but not lest. The man, the legend,

                                      Stan Lee!
              (Creator of some of my favorite heroes!)

4)  If you’re a writer, what is your favorite part of the process?

Hummmm… maybe the editing part. I love ripping apart sections and making them sound better than they were.

5)  Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?

Watch a movie. Don’t get me wrong books are great and I like to read, but if I have to chose between the book or the movie I will chose the movie. The reasons behind that is that
1) the movie is often shorter so I can finish it faster.
2) it offers a different view then the book.

   6) If you can have any pet in the world – what would you choose?

A Shark, Wolf, or Dragon. Or maybe an Angry Badger (haha shameless pug!)

7)  Are you an outside person or an inside person?

Definitely an outside person.

8)  Do you have a favorite music band/group/singer?

No I don’t. I like a lot of different bands like Group 1 Crew, NF, Red, Skillet, Toby Mac, Shonlock, Press Pay, Jeremy Camp… yea the list is long so I'll stop here.

9)  Favorite online media site (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?

Not really, I mean they are nice but I can’t say I have a favorite one.

10)What are you currently reading?

Samara’s Peril by Jaye L. Knight

Questions for people I tag:

1.   What is your favorite movie?

2.   What is your favorite animated movie?

3.   Do you have a favorite art style?

4.   Favorite random grif

5.   A place (real or imaginary) that you want to visit

6.   Scotland or Norway and why?

7.   What is your favorite element?

8.   Best riddle you have ever heard

9.   Best joke you ever said/heard.

10.  Favorite fictional hero?
Now part of this Tag thing is that I'm supposed to 'tag' ten other people. But I'm going to level with you... I don't know enough people in the blogging world to tag Ten others. That is why I'm so grateful that you happened by.
because you must certainly know people right?
Well yes I do, I'm a totally awesome person I know people!
Good that means you can tag a random person with this tag.
I don't know..
it's just like High 5-ing your friends face! quick and mostly painless.
well... wait what?! their face???
Yea! You know what never mind that part. But I leave this tag open to you my readers. If you want to know more about some blogger just tag them with this.
Okay I'll think about it.
Cool. Till next time, stay true to the King! Marrok out!

Let me know in the Comments below if you know (or don't know) who Stan Lee is.

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  1. Thanks for doing the tag, Marrok! I enjoyed reading your answers, and you came up with some good questions too. That's always hard, I think!
    (Also, Scotland or Norway is a tough one - both would be amazing. I think I'd choose Norway though...maybe. ^.^)

    1. No problem :) yea I would have a hard time choosing between Norway or Scotland

  2. Hahaha! This is hilarious! Thanks Marrok!

  3. You had some great answers. Cold weather is my favorite. And I like most of those artists you listed. NF, Group 1 Crew, and Tobymac are pretty awesome. And totally Scotland. I have ancestors from there, so I would want to track them back and see where they lived in the land of green. (I did see it once, but that was from up in an airplane.)
    Stan Lee! I loved his role in the last Captain America movie. :)

    1. Thanks! I have blood that goes back to Scotland too! (if you couldn't tell by the name) the only time i have seen that beautiful land of green is in pictures :(

      Yes Stan Lee! and Mr. Stank! oh how fun. I love going to a Marvel movie and looking for Stan Lee. thought now he has better cameos, before you had to really look for him


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