Friday, February 10, 2017

Racing for Time Blog Tour: Interview

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great week. Today I'm taking part in the Racing for Time Blog Tour. And yes today I'll be doing an interview (just as the title says). But before I pick the author's brain let me introduce you to thins fine author!

About the Author:

Olivia Nickerson is a young and aspiring author who lives with her family in Ontario, Canada. As a child, she enjoyed writing little stories to print out on the computer and giving out to her family. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing sports at her youth group, hanging out with her family and friends, and reading.

She can be reached through several social media sites:

Now on to the interview!

1) What got you into writing?:
 I think what got me into writing was starting by writing little stories when I was younger. A time or two I wanted to possibly publish my stories that I started writing, but it never happened. Last year, it did. :)

2) what is your favorite genre in writing and why?:
My favorite genre of writing is a mix. I like reading different kinds of writing, like historical fiction, then a mix of Christian, romance, and mystery. I like those because they appeal to me when I read them! 

3) What inspired you to write  Racing for Time?:
I was inspired to write Racing for Time because I had written pretty cheesy stories in the past, and I wanted to write a really good one, or at least start to. You may or may not find RFT to be a bit cheesy still, as I am not the best writer. but hopefully I will grow to get better and better!

4) What is your favorite kind of music?:
My favorite kind of music is a variety: Christian, pop, waltz, classical, Christian rock (not too rocky mind you)

5) If you had to choose a time period to live in when and where would it be?:
Time period to live in.... hmm... maybe the Elizabethan age, or during the time of Alfred the Great.

6) What does writing mean for you?:
What writing means for me is a time to write out my ideas on a document, edit them, and give people copies of it so they can read it. It's fairly enjoyable for me, and getting people to read what I wrote.. Maybe I'll be famous one day ;)

7) What is your favorite season?:
My favorite season would probably be spring or summer! So nice :)

That was fun wasn't it? Sadly this will be the end of the interview. But come back tomorrow! I will be doing a Book Spotlight so make sure to come back and check it out!

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                        And Until Next Time! Stay True to the King!

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    1. Think noting of it, it was fun and I'm glad I could help!

  2. Aaaah I have too many books I want to read now! All these interviews and blog tours are making my Goodreads to-read list too long ;)

    audrey caylin

    1. I think I got a little carried way when I signed up for all these interviews and blog tours :D

  3. I enjoyed reading the author interview. :) You asked some great questions.

    1. Thanks! I always have a hard time thinking of good questions


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