Thursday, February 16, 2017

Book Review: Alienation

Hello everyone and welcome back to another book review. Today we will be taking a look at the second book in the C.H.A.O.S Trilogy.

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Warning, if you haven’t read the first novel this WILL spoil the ending of that novel. So stop reading, turn around, and go read the first novel. Or continue just don't blame me for spoiled dreams and hopes.

So let me give you the summery of Alienation. Looks like It’s time for button pushing to be done!

Earth’s last line of defense against the coming alien invasion is 16-year-old surfer Colt McAlister.

But before he can save the world, he has to survive the day.

All Colt wants to do is return to his old life . . . where aliens don’t exist . . . where mankind hasn’t been targeted for destruction . . . and where his parents are still alive. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. The United States government believes Colt holds the key to our survival, so they’re sending him to the CHAOS Military Academy along with his best friends Oz and Danielle. There they’ll be trained to defend Earth against a swarm of alien shape shifters known as the Thule. But someone is trying to eliminate Colt before he can lead that charge. Shocked to learn about key events in his past and unsure who he can trust, he is alienated and on the run.

In a world of high-tech gear, shape-shifting aliens, simulated reality, and hover boards, Colt must step into his true destiny before our world falls into chaos.
For my review on Alienation I give it:  (yes I know it’s the exact same rating I give the first book)

Alienation is a nice continuation to Invasion. It dives deeper into the story and gives us a little more back story to Colt and his family. And although it is a nice and cool story there are still some minor stuff that bother me. At times Colt can be very disrespectful to his grandfather and lies to him like once or twice (can’t exactly remember) another thing of note, while he is on a date at a carnival, Colt runs into an old teacher who makes a remark about reading stories about, and I quote, “Hunky Vampires.” And again in this novel the climax feels to rushed. And when secrets come to light about Colts past (like really cool ones) instead of taking it as a positive he takes it as a negative (though in every story I read, except comics, everyone takes it that way. Maybe I'm just too nerdy). He also like to jumps from time to time on the poor little Colt train. But it could just be me and not actually how the book is. But overall the book is a fun read for sci-if/superhero fans. Oh I may have forgot to mention that they are ‘Christian’ novels but the only thing remotely ‘Christian’ about them is like one verse that is mentioned out of context (which annoys me) so if you don’t mind that and are looking for a quick, okay, read try it out.


  1. No, I don't blame you XD I usually read spoilers in reviews anyways (just a bad habit I've picked up and should probably break :P)

    Sounds like an interesting novel! Perhaps I'll add it to my "I'll read eventually list" on Goodreads. Your review was great though! :D

    1. Well I just wanted to make sure people would know an not be like "Aaaa way didn't your warn me" Though now that I read it I don't think the story was spoiled that much :D

      It was interesting. It had all the elements of a super cool novel but never really developed it, that is my opinion at least. Totally get the ever growing list :)


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