Thursday, March 9, 2017

10 Ways to Know if your A Nerd/Geek

       Hello everyone and welcome back. Today I thought it would be fun to do a post to see just how nerdy some of you may be, since you already have seen how nerdy/geeky I am. This list will tell us whether you’re a true nerd or just an everyday fan (Chuck here. This list is just for fun and not meant to be taken very seriously) Shut it Chuck! ignore him and let’s get into it!

1)  Knowing your favorite character’s origin.

Now this can manifest itself in several ways. If you’re a comic nerd/geek you would own (or at least have read) the very first appearance of said fav character. If they are from a Movie or TV Show you would own the first movie/episode.

2)  Owning merchandise of your favorite hero.

Owning merchandise of your favorite hero is a surefire way to tell you’re on the road of  glorious Geek-hood. Now we know it’s never just one thing. You usually own 3-to-4 things.

3)  Knowing the quotes.

All nerds/geeks know their favorite character’s lines so well they can quote them on the spot and usually find a way to work them into everyday life. You know your beyond help if you do this “and there is nothing left to do but mourn the passing of your brain”-Captain Bones, Crashbox

4)  Your fav character’s do is your do

You know for sure that you’re a mega nerd/geek if you find that your wardrobe tends to look like stuff your favorite character would wear rather then anything NORMAL people would wear

5)  Holding a mini funeral for the passing of your favorite hero

Now this is more for Comic Nerds/Geeks, but when your favorite hero dies (for the first time) you held a min funeral for the passing of that hero. This has actually happened before with the deaths of Superman and Captain America. People where Messed Up over their deaths...

6)  Felt the need to #teamcap #teamironman or even #BvS

Now over this summer we had Hero vs. Hero at the Box Office. Now regardless of whose side you were on whether that be Cap,Tony, Superman, or Batman. you felt the need to tell others whose side you were on. And when you found someone on the same side you were like

7)   You often imagine how cool it would be to either Be or Meet your favorite hero.

Yup, you have either fantasied how cool it would be to either spend the day with your favorite hero or how AWESOME it would be if you where your favorite hero.

8)  Having a life-size picture that you High-Five before exiting your room. MOTIVATION!!

It doesn’t have to be life-size; it could even be a newspaper cut out (…what? Don’t give me that look...).

9)  Their hair do is now your hair do

You have, or either had, your hair styled just like them. Like let’s say you did your hair like Superman, Hiccup, Thor, Hulk, Professor X ...

..yea...If you did Professor X's hair style there is no hope your you. You’re a committed nerd/geek

    10) The Ultimate sign you’re a nerd/geek and way beyond hope is……… (I hope this is building suspense)…… Is knowing how to say Mr. Mxyzptlk! Forwards and backwards!!!

This is the maker or barker. If you don’t know this one then you’re not a true nerd/geek

But what about the other questions that I answered yes too?

Doesn’t matter. If you can't  say this guy’s name Forwards and Backwards then you’re not a true geek/nerd your just an ordinary, everyday, run of the mill, fan (superhero talk for loser... oh wait that was "citizen" never mind). Sorry that’s just the way the cookie crumbles

And until next time, Stay True to the King you fan 😁😆
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  1. I think I only hit point #6, but I hit some of the other ones regarding the characters of my novels xD

    This was super fun, Marrok!

    audrey caylin

    1. Well that's fun! I should have though more about characters people make when writing the post :P oh well maybe I'll do something like that later on. Thanks Audrey

  2. Batman!

    That was totally how I was the whole time. Because... ya, batman. Part if the time I was like, aw yeah, star warssss

    1. Hey Anonymous! First off thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment! I love hear what you have to say, i hope you enjoy your stay here!

      Yeah BATMAN TOTALLY ROCKS!! I'm not a big star wars fan but it's still cool (not on the level of Batman cool, but still cool)


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