Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Princess & I Blog Tour-Part 2!

Hello everyone and welcome to part two of "The Princess & I" blog tour! Today I'll be interviewing the author  herself! now lets get to the brain picking!

Ewww that sounds gross!

Okay let me rephrase that... Lets get to the interrogation!! YEAH!

Uuummm I don't think that's any better...

Fine... Lets get to this normal, non- brain picking, non-interrogation, interview!!! So I'll be in blue and Rebekah will be in Green (since her book is green themed)

Okay lets get this going. My first question is...What got you into writing?

Reading. I grew up in a very book loving atmosphere, and from a young age was pressured to read until I began enjoying it. ;) All those fantastic stories built my imagination. Then I decided I would try my hand at writing. And I fell in love with being an author and creating my own books. Funny how that works. :)

Yeah funny! I never liked reading as a kid so I totally understand growing into it :P Next question...What inspired The Princess and I?

My love of all things Medieval. As with most other little girls, I loved the fairy tales about princesses and princes, knights in shining armor, kings and queens, etc. That early enjoyment changed and morphed into a deeper interest as I began learning more of the history behind the stories when I was nine or ten. I had always wanted to write a Medieval story since the very beginning...and finally I pulled it off. :)

That's great! meeting your goals is totally awesome! Medieval stuff is sick. Okay so what is your favorite genre to write in?

This one. Like I mentioned above, I just love Medieval history. I like writing in all different genres, and I think it's good for an author to not stick to any one particular genre. My second favorite to write about is what I call "Today Fiction". Basically, people living in today's culture and time period.

Okay, okay, just making sure. Now if you could live in any time period, in any place, where and what would it be?

Oh boy. You had to ask { I'm an annoying imp aren't I?} . -_- There are so many places and times...and I'm supposed to choose ONE? *shakes head* You're cruel, Marrok {Yes I know ^.^}. *sighs* Ok. I'll give this question a valiant effort.
I would love to have been around during the time of Jesus. I mean, how cool would it be to have Him to talk to IN PERSON and the ability to touch Him, spend time with Him and listen to Him? And need I mention the fact that I'd be able to talk to His disciples? And all the awesome characters of those Bible stories? (Plus I'd probably still be around when Paul began his ministry.) There's a lot of stuff going for that time period. HOWEVER.
Despite being my favorite time period to write and read about, I don't think I'd like living in Medieval England...though it would be cool to go back in time and live there for a short amount of time. Then my research would be made a lot easier. ;)
The Reformation is another favorite time period...although dangerous for Protestants.
Other time periods that tempt me are the Renaissance, the Victorian Age, the Civil War, or either of the World Wars. Why? I just think it would be cool. Don't question my logic. Ahem

Heehee Yes hard question are fun to ask. But lets end this interrogation I mean interview with an easy question. What is your favorite season?

Yay! A question that's easy to answer!! *claps* Summer. Closely followed by Fall, Winter, and Spring. ;) (What can I say? I like all the seasons for different reasons. :P)

Good answer! I couldn't pick one season either (|^.^|) Thank you for taking the time for the interview, it was fun!

The Princess & I will be available to buy on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and the Lulu bookstore on March 3rd. Oh make sure to check out Rebekah's blog HERE for more information on the book, blog tour info, and anything else. Until Next Time, Stay True to the King!

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  1. Goodness...that one question...*shakes head* But hey, I survived, didn't I? ;)
    Thanks for being a part of my blog tour, Marrok! You asked some very good questions that I enjoyed answering (mostly :P).

    1. Yup! I like those hard questions :D No problem! I had a lot of fun helping you out!

  2. I enjoyed the interview, Marrok!

    1. Thanks Jonathan! I'm glad you found it enjoyable :)

  3. I've been hearing so much about this book! *makes a mental note to add to TBR on Goodreads* *stares at the growing pile of books* I'm going to be doing a lot of reading this year!

    Great interview, Marrok!

    1. Thanks! Yeah that ever growing list of things -.- the hardest part is choosing which to get next

  4. Good interview!
    Great questions interviewer, and equally good answers interviewee. ;)
    Since I've read about half of the book on Rebekah's story blog, I'm gonna HAVE to get the book so I can read the rest of it!!

    1. Thank you Tiffany! and thank you for stopping by and checking this post out!


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