Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Month With Marrok!

      Hello everyone! Today I thought it would be fun to try one of those monthly wraps up post. But since I can’t promise to do one monthly I decided to try something new. Welcome to “A Month with Marrok!”

                It’s kind of like a monthly wrap up but with that Marrok twist to it. I hope you enjoy it. Now let’s get things rolling!


    I did get some writing done even though its summer. By the time this post goes up I will have reached 30k in Iron Gantlet. And remember once I reach 40k I'll release the unclassified synopsis. Writing is coming along nicely, but it’s been kind of hard to get to it lately because of the other stuff I’ve been doing. I’ll talk about that in a moment.

                For those of you who don’t follow my newsletter I’ve started writing a comic. So, I’ve been doing some Manuscript writing. It is a new experience, but it isn’t super difficult. If you don’t know how comics are written, I’ll tell you. First you plan what will happen in each panel (panels are those little box’s that make up a comic page). While writing down what happens in each panel you also write down what is said by who. That is more or less the gist of comic book writing (now you all owe me $7.50 for that lesson…).

                I’ve also got a surprise coming at the end of the month that has also been taking some time away from Iron G.  To those of you following my newsletter no spoiling.


                This month was pretty cool. This blog grew a little, a special welcome to the new followers! I hope you enjoy your time here and can forgive my typos.

           My post titled “Dinosaurs and Dragons” has taken the third spot on my popular posts, guess there are more Dino fans out there then I though.

            Found out why some of my post have weird typos or missing sections. Apparently, Word and Blogger don’t get along.

            Over the summer, I found/talked to some pretty cool bloggers, they rock! Some of the post I’ve enjoyed most are

There are other post I did enjoy reading as well but I didn’t add here. So, if I didn’t mention you please don’t feel bad.


                I haven’t been doing a ton of that. I stopped reading Samara's Peril for now just because it not working for me. But I did start reading Orphans Song (which had been pretty good) and I picked this up at the library.
                               (If you've read it let me know if it's good or not)
      Ever since I saw the movie "Warcraft" I've loved Orc's. So when I saw, it I was like “How can I NOT try a book called Orc King! I love orcs!”. So I checked it out. The great thing about it being from the Library is that if it isn't good I could just return it and not feel bad becuase I didn't buy it!


                              Life… Life has been like this

                Okay not really. It's been more or less chill. There have been some times where it felt like that but hey, it's life.

                Since it’s summer I’ve been trying to divide my time up with drawing, writing and everything else. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen I’ve been quite busy when it comes to drawing. I’ve been redesigning the Justice League to look like anime high school students. Still working on them but here they are

                                                 Green Lantern




                                            Wonder Woman



         I post a lot of more of my art on my IG so if you want to see more check it out.
              I also entered the Ilyon Fan Art Contest, thank you all who stopped by and helped me choose which one to enter. I didn’t win but that’s fine, first place did a really good job and I don’t mind losing to that.

                Other than that, I’ve been trying to just chill in the summer, It’s way too hot to really do anything besides swimming and I’ve already gotten three shades darker. Oh yeah and there was a lot of random dancing brakes I had. What? Once I hear that beet I just go with it.

Oh! I’ll be starting a new chapter in life as a campus student of The Master’s University. If you don’t know anything about the college I strongly suggest clicking HERE. If any of you are considering going to college I would totally suggest check them out. They do a View Weekend in October where you can come down for a three day, two-night stay and check out how the college and classes work, as well as checking out the professors and student life. The Master’s does offer online classes as well, but just as a warning they can be time consuming. I’m so hyped on being there since I wasn’t able to go last year. It’s by God's grace that I’m able to attend this year and I plan on making the most of the time I’ve been given there. Don’t worry I’ll still be blogging and writing.

So I was thinking of a clever and new way to end this “A Month With Marrok” post. I mean I’ve seen people do what they googled or funny things their kid sib said. But I though “Hey these people only know the me they see on the net, so why not show them what I’m like a little!”.  So here it is!

What it’s like to hang with Marrok!

In the car…

Sis: looks out the left window “Wow that lady is very pregnant”

Me: looks out the right window “That’s just a fat dude with a pony tail”

Sis: “….What?!”

Going to the store…

Mum: “Okay I'm going to the story anything you guys need?”

Me: Chilling on floor because it’s so hot “Yeah I life, and maybe a few billion dollars”

Driving in the desert…

Da: “Okay put the books away and look out the windows”

Me: Decided to copy sheen from jimmy neutron “But dad ‘all I see is sand. And I’m not a cat”

At the store, again…

Sis: “Okay lets go find mom”

Me: Decided to copy the croods this time “And our log!”

Well that’s all for this post, I hope your all doing well. How have your summers been? Until Next Time! Stay True to the King!

Title picture and Gifs used are not my own. All credit goes to their rightful owner/creator.
Pictures used are my own. Please do not repost/share without permission.


  1. That gif on life... XD I love it. And I LOVE Orphan Song! The characters, the setting the prose. I'm looking forward to reading the first too books again when the last book comes out next year.

    1. Ah yes Trevor. This Gif pretty much works with anything.

      Cool! I've only started just started it, I think I'm at chapter 3 or 4 I can't remember off hand. And I'm really enjoying it so far!

  2. Nice wrap up, M. That's great you got some writing done - that always feels so good. :) And praise God that He's provided a way for you to atten the college this year - I hope that goes great for you!
    That gif is something I can totally relate to...
    And hey, if you get those billions of dollars, be sure to share the wealth. ;)

    1. Thanks Rae! Yeah getting a little writing done is always great. Yes praise God! I can't wait!

      Totally! I think I could pretty much use that gif for anything.

      Sure. What's a few billion dollars between blogging pals :D

  3. That gif life XD. I love your drawings, they are really good... I really like how you convey those facial expressions, especially Superman and Wonder Woman!

    I enjoyed reading the wrap up post and I'm looking forward to seeing more, since I'm new around here!

    Anna |

    1. Thanks Anna! I'm still working on them but once they are finished I plan to show them off in their finished state. Superman was one of the funnest to draw.
      I'm glad you enjoyed it, I do hope you find your time here to be enjoyable!

  4. Haha! I like your response to your Mom when she was going to the store. XD
    Nice wrap up post! (Though I did notice a couple typos. A few times you wrote WARP instead of WRAP in first two paragraphs. Just so you know.) :)

    1. Thanks Megs! Yeah I though it was funny at the time as well, my mum was like "... You need more work boy"

      Oh yeah thanks for noticing them! When I logged on to answer the comments I was like "wait i think i forgot to correct something yesterday" I counted a total of 4 typos, I think I got them all.

    2. Haha...Your mom's probably right. ;) (Kidding!)
      No problem! :D

  5. Haha so you had a good month? :P I love the drawings too! They're looking really good! And yay for Masters! I've looked into Masters before and it looks really cool. I actually have a friend going there starting this year so that's exciting. I hope you enjoy it there and you better keep us posted on the blog and the newsletter ;)

    1. Yeah I did have a good month, Thanks!

      Yeah the Masters is so cool! Oh really? That is so cool! I may run into them without even knowing it.

      I will! I'm working hard are now for the surprise at the end of the month!

  6. Hurray for your writing! Can't wait for that synopsis!

    And a comic! :D That's great! My sister's do comics, but I've never tried even though I'd love to someday! *reluctantly and irritably gives you $7.50*

    Eh. So cryptic. Must sign up for that newsletter. *puts it on to-do list*

    Dinosaurs and Dragons was a great post... or posts. My sis was reading those for ages! xD (and we were discussing you and what 'geek' meant and about your love for superheroes and comics xD)

    *raises brows* the Orc King? Sounds super interesting!


    And I checked out this university of yours and it looks really good! Well then, I pray many blessings for you this year as you attend! (I'm doing online high school courses now and yes time-consuming is accurate for online learning! But it's still great!)

    Ahahahahah I liked the 'what it's like to hang out with Marrok' part. hahaha :D It was fun xD

    I like this wrap-up of yours!

    *goes to the newsletter page*


    1. Thanks Lisa! Really that is so cool! What kind of comics do they do? Thank you for $7.50 is welcomed and put into the production of my novels :P

      Well I'm glad you where able to enjoy them (though I usually try to tone down how much geek stuff I do on the blog).

      I'm glad you liked it, and I'm not even done with them yet (I need to fix aquamans head, it's a little to big). I can't wait for you all to see it once its finished!

      Thanks! It really is an amazing college and I'm so grateful to able to attend this year! Yeah I know right? I'm like "Hey this is online it should be a little easier then this!"

      I'm glad you found it funny. Now i just gotta think about i should tell you next time :D

  7. I'm interested to hear about this comic of yours, especially since I've been seriously considering making some graphic novels of my own.

    Awesome drawings- I love that new design for Batman and Superman.

    And congratulations on getting into Master's University!

    1. Oh really that would be so cool! Yeah more about my comic will be coming later on in the year or early next year. Just got to see how much I can get done.

      Thanks! Batman was one of the hardest to redesign. Everyone else was a one shot and rather easy to redesign. But it took two tries to get the look I wanted.

      Thank you Blue! I'm so hyped for it!

  8. omw this was awesome xD I loved how unique and Marrok-y it was!

    Your pics on instagram have been A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I'm definitely no artist, so I have huge respect for people who can draw well.

    And the last part of this was super funny xD I'm looking forward to more of these Month with Marrok posts!

    audrey caylin

    1. Thanks Audrey! You could always become an artist, it's not that hard :D I'm glad you found it funny, I was hoping to cause some laughs!

  9. That GIF of Iron man 3.... *raises hand guiltily* I LOVE YOUR ART!! AHHH they look so cool. I love how you draw Batman. And congrats on working on your comics. :)
    And OK I am dying- 'fat guy with a pony tail' SERIOUSLY!
    God bless!
    -Ang |

    1. I know right! I think Trevor nailed what it's like to be human in that one sentence.

      Thank you so much! It was a ton of fun redesigning them. I actually made two version of batman (the other can be found on my IG)

      Yes I though that was rather funny as well, especially because we had no idea I looked at the wrong person :D I was like "Yeah that's just a fat guy, just look at him!"
      Thanks Angela God bless you as well!

  10. Oh my word, I love this!! I absolutely love all your drawings! :D I've very much enjoyed seeing them on IG over this summer.

    Haha, random dancing. That sounds like me. Just sometimes I do it when there isn't any music. My friends are like, "What- why?" And I'm just like, "I don't know." :P

    Hey, I so glad that you're able to actually go to college this year! I hope you enjoy it. :)

    I love the "What it's like to hang with Marrok"! Haha, I'm dying! XD Are you planning on doing more posts like this?

    Also, thanks for sharing my post! :)

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah random dancing is the best :D
      Thank you so much!
      I am planning on doing them every so often but not every month.
      No problem, I really enjoyed reading it


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