About Me

Hello and welcome traveler, please take a load off your weary feet
  I am glad you have stopped by and I hope you enjoy your time here… What’s that?... You wish to know more information about me?... Well since you’ve asked so kindly I will tell you a little more about me.

-I have the undeserved privilege to be a servant to the one True King

-I like to write and hope to one day publish my work

-I am very picky when it comes to reading but I do honestly enjoy reading a well written book

-Another hobby I have is drawing. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and have grown to really like it. With just a simple paper and pencil you can create a magical world limited only by your imagination

-I have a unique personality. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, more funny though

-I love to watch movies! The more action the better, unless it’s a comedy

-I was homeschooled and am now in college (sound off you homeschoolers!)

-I guess I live in the middle of everything and the middle of nowhere at the same time

-I love listening to music, you can usually find me with my headphones on jamming to whatever is playing

-I like to tinker, making things has been something I’ve always liked!

-I’m a big superhero geek. Before you go ask if I have a ‘favorite’ between Marvel and Dc, or a favorite character, know that I don’t. There are soo many cool titles and characters in each I can’t choose just ONE!

-I am learning a little/want to learn to play the Bagpipes, maybe one day I will play something for you all

Well that’s all I can think of for right now… Yes now it’s your turn… Introduce yourself, I love meeting new travelers!



  1. Hi! I've commented on other posts of yours, but nice "about"! I like it that you say "I have a unique personality". *laughs* it's good someone knows it. In books people are too often like, "I'm not special. I am ordinary. I have no talents". *shakes head* I also love drawing, writing, reading, movies, music ... and I am homeschooled and also a subject of the True King ... Since you are superhero geek, do you have any particular books/comics in this "genre" you'd recommend me to read? Because I want to expand my horizons, and I love superheroes but read and watch way too little of them...


    1. Hello again Lisa! I know what you mean, people and book characters are all different so we might as well say so. That so cool! It's pretty fun to find people who like a lot of the same stuff isn't it? What kind of stuff do you like to draw? can I assume you like realism (just because your profile is)? As for the comic recommendation I'll be doing a post about that within the month so check back for that.

    2. One reason I love blogging and reading blogs is cause I find so many people with the same interests! I like drawing people, and yes I do portraits :) I do still life, animals, scenery sometimes too. I can copy pretty much anything. I paint also. Yes, I will keep an eye for that post!

    3. Yeah it is fun! though sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with all the different blog I follow. That is so cool! I've been meaning to head down to the zoo with a sketch book and try my hand at that a little more. You paint also? that's so cool, I don't paint but if I did I would go with the Bob Ross way. Just seems so easy.

  2. Hello! I'm so glad that I've finally found your blog!! You're a guy blogger and a former homeschooler?! That's so cool, I'm still being homeschooled, three more years for me. Anyways, you have a great about page, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    1. Hello Gray! Thank you. Yes I'm am post-homeschool guy. Man homeschooling was so fun so make sure you enjoy the rest of your time in it! Sorry it took so long for me to reply, I was kinda on brake from all the blogging stuff. But I'm back now and I hope you enjoy your time here!

  3. Hello, Marrok!
    I'm a homeschooled high schooler, Hebrew Christian, writer, artist, and Southerner. I love superheroes- but, ya know, I should write a superhero with a kilt because... yes. Have you ever seen that? Superhero in a kilt? Lol!
    It's nice to meet you! God bless.
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. Hello Angela! That is so cool! By Hebrew Christian dose that mean your a Messianic Jews or am I taking that out of context? (not trying to offended or anything just trying to make sure I have it right in my head)
      That would be a sight to see for sure! Introducing the new hero who wears a Kilt! I hope he has some shorts under that kilt of his or no jumping for him. No I haven't seen that but I would love to! I can imagine how awkward that would look!
      It's nice you meet you as well Angela! I hope you enjoy your time here!

  4. Hey Marrok! Your blog is amazing! What do u plan to major in if u don't mind me asking??

  5. Hi, we're two brothers who love to draw and write comics. We have a comic blog (thecomicbookbros.blogspot.com). We're both home schooled and its awesome!!

    1. Hello June and Joze! First off I would like to say welcome to my blog and I hope you find your time here enjoyable!

      That is so cool! I check out your blog (thanks for the link) and you two are quite talented and I can't wait to see where you go with your comics!

      Yeah homeschooling rocks! (note not dissing public)


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