Thursday, December 8, 2016

365 Days of Gifts?

Hello everyone! I pray your all doing well as we prepare to celebrate the day our Savior came into the word. In other words Christmas!

It's only two weeks away from Christmas! woohoo!

I know right?! where does the time go?

I don't do that Christmas thing...

Well, then I hope you are having a wonderful winter with your family! So I wanted to post this back in November-

Then why didn't you?

I got a little busy.

Oh really? busy huh? I bet you were just being lazy.

A little of both I guess.

Ha! I knew it!

Anyways I wanted to bring up something that is very appropriate for this time of the year. And that is gifts.


Yes, but not the ones under the tree. No, I feel that these gifts are often ignored even if we don't mean to ignore them. Wait! before you fire off an angry comment let me explain myself.

Well, start with the explaining bub!

Okay. The gifts I feel that are often ignored is the gift of the day. Yes, the day. After all Psalm 118:24 says "This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it".


     But do we really 'rejoice and be glad' for each day? have we every stopped to acknowledge everything God gives us each day? I find that I usually just send a quick "Thank you for the day Lord" in my prayers everyday without really considering the gift that He has given me.


    Like, for instance, have we ever thought that the Lord in His great kindness never gives us two of the exact same days? (Now I'm going to get a little artistic on you, but hey I'm an artist.) Everyday is an entirely new day from the Lord. The day (Today) is the only one there will ever be in history. The sun never rises at the same time as it did yesterday. The temperature is never the exact same as yesterday. In fact, every cloud we see everyday is new, since clouds are constantly changing. Every flower, every bird's song, every breeze is different from yesterday. And there is still a ton of other things that are new everyday. But do we really thank the Lord of all of it?


     I know personally I don't usually think about it. I wake up and start my usual routine, after all, we all have schedules to keep right? I know that my parents and pastor have told me countless times that we should be thankful for the day which the Lord has given us. But it wasn't until recently that I truly understood what that means. I was watching the sun rise and it hit me (like a ton of bricks), The Lord truly gives us new days everyday and we should give Him praise for it. At least that is what the Psalmist said in Psalm 150:6 and in Psalm 69:34. Our lives are but a vapor, a breath, (Psalm 144:4, Proverbs 27:1, James 4:14, Plasm 39:4) yet the Lord finds it pleasing to gives us the gift of a new day even though our lives are so short. Never the same old day but a new day. But what do we do with these gifts? to we thank the Lord for the treasure He gives to us everyday? or do we take it and chuck it across the room as we wait for something else?

Wait are you saying that I can't look forward to something?

   Oh on. I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that we should look at everyday as a special gift from the Lord and thank Him for it. I know I'm guilty of not thanking the Lord for His gifts. I take them for granted as I move through life focused on what needs to get done that day. I complain about the weather and wish for another day that isn't even promised to me. Some day's I didn't even step outside.

    I know we all are busy and that sometimes we drive ourselves crazy (Novembers NaNo😁). No wonder that Psalm 46:10 says to be still and now that God is the Lord. Because when we take the time to just be still and just look at God's creation. We can truly see what the Lord as done and that should drive us to praise Him for His great and mighty works. For He is worthy of our praise and worship.

   It's easy to get lost in all the hustle and bustle of life and forget to be thankful for simple things like the days the Lord brings us. So as we enter this Christmas gift giving time lets not forget two things. And if there is anything you take away as you walk/click away is this.

1) To thank the Lord for His gift of a new day every day


2) To thank the Lord for sending us His Son as the propitiation for us

How is everyone’s December going? If you live where it snows has it? Oh make sure to stop by next week. I’m taking part in the 12 Days of Christmas hosted by Firefly


  1. Oh my goodness, Marrok! This is amazing! I was needing this post. I tend to take things for granted and get caught in the business of life like you said and never really stop and think about all the incredible things Christ has do for me. And I never really did realize that each day was a new gift as you put it. This really opened my eyes. God does truly "gift" us with amazing things like His Son! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for your kind words :) As i said i was the exact same way (if not worse). But once i stopped and really thought about it, and what my parents said, it just opened my eyes to the beauty of God and i wanted to share that with you guys :)

  2. This is wonderful, Marrok! 365 days of gifts... that's a great way to put it. This topic has been on my mind very often this December.

    No snow where I am.... :( I used to live where it snowed 6ft a year and now the ocean is less than an hour away XD

    1. Thanks Audrey!
      Sounds like you traded one water source for another, the ocean isn't that bad just not as fun as snow I'd bet.

  3. Wow, great post, Marrok! Definitely a reminder I needed. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Fantastic words, and a spectacular reminder. Truly, this is a great post, Marrok!
    It is a heavy thought we should think of more often and not take for granted. I've been reading in James and have been thinking about our life being a vapor, and how it should be "if God wills it, then I shall do this".
    His mercies are new every morning.

    As for snow...ours has all melted. I am SUPPOSED to live where we get snow, but it has been sadly lacking. I think we're due to get 4-6 inches this weekend though. I sure hope so. It's been cold enough! Down in the teens.

    Anyway, yep, bravo on a heart-felt post! Really enjoyed it.

  5. Oh and forgot to say: Thanks for including those who don't necessarily celebrate Christmas! I thought that was nice and considerate. :)
    We're celebrating the Feast of Dedication this year (it's mentioned in the New Testiment) and it starts on the 24th. Looking forward to it!

    Also, like your new winter blog look. :)

    1. Thanks Rae, oh yes James brings that great point of "if God wills"!
      I hope you get that snow!
      Wow that sounds very cool and exciting! isn't the Feast of Dedication a week long?
      Thanks! I thought my blog should at lest look wintery.

    2. Totally!
      Thanks :)
      Yep, it's a total of 8 days, I believe. :)

    3. Wow that's cool! I hope you have fun and a happy Feast of Dedication!

  6. Just STUMBLED over your blog. I got to say. WOW this post is a good read.

  7. Awesome post! Such a good reminde to all of us... Thanks for posting! I'll definitely be a regular visitor! :)


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