Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Last Post?

Welcome to my last post...

What? Your last post? Why? What happened???

Well, it's My Last Post... of the year. Hehe...

Oh, I see what you did there. Funny.

Okay so today was supposed to be a comic or book review, but since this is my last post of the year I thought I would do something else.

First off I wanted to tell you all thank you.

Thank you to everyone who finds the time to stop by every week and read my post. To think you find the time in your busy days to stop by my little spot on the net every week and read what I post is amazing!

Thank you to those of you who followed this blog, You guys are crazy awesome (in a good way)!! To be honest I didn't expect this many people to follow my blog. I expected maybe one or two people for the first few months-a year, but in the span of just two months, there are 13 of you awesome people following this blog. You guys are just crazy awesome!

Thank you to everyone who comments, I love reading your comment and commenting back! 

Thank you to everyone- you guys are the best!

Wait before you go I had some questions I hoped you could answer.

Sure. This End of the Year Post so can answer some questions. What's on your mind?

Well, my first question is that you said you were going to make some post about art, that you would show us some tips and stuff like that. Can we expect those kinds of post in the coming Year?

Oh yes. I want to get some post up about art and drawing. Right now I'm not really set up for sharing art but hopefully, within the New Year, I will be. Then I could show you some of the things I draw and maybe even some tips.

Okay, next question. You've changed the look of your blog serval times during the time it's been up. Can we expect more changes to the look during the New Year

Yes Totally. I'm looking at different templates and stuff like that. I have an idea of the way I want it to look and the blogger templates aren't what I'm looking for so I hope to do some changing of the HTML stuff over the summer. I also want to add that sidebar profile thingy ( a real technical term I know) so I'll be messing with that.

Next, why don't you have a picture of yourself?

Oh, good question. The reason is 1) I'm an artist, so drawing a profile picture is a lot of fun. 2) I need a better picture of myself and 3) My face reveal will come closer to the release of my book.

Oh, that's cool. So you're writing a book. What's it called? What's it about? Can we expect anything about it in the form of posts?

Ooo good questions. A fellow new blogger Audrey Caylin was brave enough to share some of her WIP in a post HERE, make sure to check it out. I'm not that brave. But what I will do is show you the title and synopsis of the book (remember title and synopsis are subject to change). Both are as followed (Also I'm giving you TOP SECRET information! Important places, events, and people have to be blanked out for your safety)

      Iron Gauntlet

It was a normal night in Alsldkfhf Mogazen. Kzya, her brother Arzifer and some friends were enjoying their last night of summer vacation when peace turns to chaos as a mzzeals is seen heading towards their small town. But before it leaves the atmosphere it explodes and the town is saved. The town is told it was an "unfortunate training exercise" but Kzya's brother doesn't buy it and with his friend Miguel they go check out the missiles impact sight. Things only get stranger when they see a zag unconscious in the center of the impact zone. When the zag wakes up abs has no memory of his life prior to waking up, but that isn't the only odd thing about this young man. His only form of identification is a scorpion tattoo and a name on his uniform. "Szeen". As zeeng tries to make sense of what happened It notices it seems to possess superhuman abilities and a strange robotic voice in zis head. That and the fact ze is being hunted by two government agents. Will seeng be able to uncover zie past? or will he be haled away by the government?

And that's what I got so far. Yes, I know the black is annoying and prevents you from finding out more about the story. But as it get's closer to its release date, more will be revealed.

What's the word count?

Well, right now it's at 14k. I was thinking the goal would be 80-90k. But we will see as time gets closer.

Okay. Is there any more information you can give us?

Oh sure! So it's about sadfhuioasbfaand saffsdffdfs then wfjshdfuijhdadf wassadf;lkjnsdo;ifjsdf

Oh that's just wrong dude

Yeah I know 😁 Consider it more of a sneak peak then anything else.

Oh and before I wrap this up I wanted to say that if there is anything you would like to see-

Oh! I have something I want to see!

I already said I'm not doing any backflips into any volcano

Never mind...

So as I was saying if there is anything you would like to see come to this blog just leave a comment with your suggestion and I'll take it into consideration. Oh yes and if there is any other questions feel more than free to shoot me an email or comment down below.

That's all I got for you today. I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!  By the way, do you have any plans (that revolve around writing) for this coming year? Let me know down in the comments below. Until Next Time, Stay True to the King! (you guys are awesome!)

Pictures and gifs used are owned by their respective creators and I do not clam any of them as my own


  1. Hey Marrok!
    So, I'm trying to read this post, but it's kinda hard reading black on dark blue/black. Is there a way you can lighten the color of the words or something?

  2. Hello Soleil! I do apologize about that you must be reading it on the mobile version. If you go to the bottom on the blog in the mobile version you will see a button that says "view in wed version" if you click that you should be able to see. I do apologize for the mobile version being hard to read. I'll fix that as soon as possible I'm just not at my computer right now.

  3. Thanks for that tip.
    Awesome post, and your book sounds awesome! Am looking toward to hearing more about it.
    As for writing next year, I hope to write a short prequel and get most of my rewriting done for the book I just wrote.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Soleil!

      OOOooo that sounds like a pretty good plan. I hope it works out for you!

      Happy New Year!

  4. Haha. Love this post and reading a little about your coming book [Even if it doesn't reveal a lot of info...] sounds good so far! Can't wait for more to be revealed!

  5. Sheesh dude your title almost gave me a heart attack!! And I wanted to say that reading how (blank) does (blank) with (blank) in order to save the (blank) sounds INCREDIBLY interesting. :P Can't wait to learn more about the many exciting (blanks) of the incredible (blank). ;)

    1. Hahah why would the title do that? I know it must be annoying reading that (blank) saved (blank) but consider this a sneak peak of what's to come :D

  6. To that Anonymous person who posted a comment sorry I don't know why it isn't here But thanks for your comment!

  7. Great post marrok! Thanks for sharing a little segment of your book... even though we couldn't get a very good idea of what it was about. ;) but I agree with Rebekah; it sounds very interesting :D happy new year!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Just consider it as a sneak peak of what's to come in the New Year (hopefully!)

  8. I still am freaking out about what I did...but thanks for sharing it here anyway XD

    Happy New Year! I can't wait to learn more... ;-)

    1. Well it was cool that you did! :D

      Thanks and Happy New Year as well!

  9. Despite the blacked-out details, your story sounds good. :)
    Hopefully 2017 will be a great year for writing. I'd like to finish at least one project. We'll see how that goes!
    Happy New Year :)

    1. Thank you!
      Same here I hope to finish my projects :D

      Happy New Year!

  10. You're doing so awesome for your first year of blogging! You went about it in a very smart way with a blog launch and such. (still sorry that I wasn't able to help out with that...)

    And the start of the post made me laugh. Clever, clever. xD

    I hope your 2017 is fabulous! <3

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Thank you so much! Don't worry about it (aucuba matata) i totally understand your reasoning :D
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment i hope you have an Amazing 2017!

  11. Pfft. *can't believe I somehow missed your post*

    Ooh. Your story. I like. May I pretty please beta read it for you once you've finished it?

    1. Thanks and honestly your the first to ask that question :D Maybe, I'll know more as I get closer to publishing it!


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