Thursday, December 1, 2016

First Comic Review!

       Hello everyone and welcome to my first comic review! On the First of December! Today we will be taking a look Superman Earth One Vol. 1. Before we get into the review I want to let you know that this is a reboot of the Original Story.
Wait so there is nothing that comes before this Graphic Novel?
Right, I’ll let you know which comic series need backstory (if needed). So just sit back, relax and enjoy the review
Okay hit me with it
Not Literally!!  
Ops sorry… Okay let’s get into it!

Overall I give Superman Earth One Vol 1.


           Superman Earth One is not the original superman you grew up with. In fact he is the Superman of Earth One
what does that mean?!
   Basically that this isn’t the main stream Kal-El but rather one from an alternate dimension. So instead of the story we all know it’s a little different.
Okay so what’s the difference?
  Well first off this Clark Kent never wanted to be Superman, that was something that Ma and Pa Kent wanted for young Clark. Superman Earth One gives us a more detached Clark, he knows he isn’t human and he knows that he doesn’t fit in with the humans. So he doesn’t even try. As you read this comic you’ll find out it shares a lot of elements with another resent Superman movie  remake
But overall it’s a decant story that goes something like this:

            As Clark Kent struggles to find his place in the world an alien arrives at earth. Threating to destroy earth if Clark does not stop hiding among the humans and surrenders himself. But Clark doesn’t want to fight, he doesn’t even want to be even seen. All he wants is to find a quiet place and take care of his earth mom. But when the Alien starts his invasion of earth, will Clark stand by and do nothing while this mad man kills the innocent or will he take a stand for Truth, Justice, and the American way? Will he even stand at all?

           Honestly Superman Earth One is a fine read and a mostly clean Graphic Novel. It’s a great read for anyone looking to get into comics, or if you’re looking for something with a different flavor.
Okay. But you said mostly clean, tell me what that is supposed to mean?  
It means that although its a mostly clean read there is somethings to keep in mind before reading it, Lets get into those things.

Swearing: freaking is used once. Hell is used twice. And A** is used once. There are other rude comments like someone might say “son of a” or “kiss my” but they never finish the thought/sentence.

Violence: As for violence there is not that much, sure there is fighting towards the end but not overly grossest. Superman is given a small cut on his neck, a man is seen holding his dead son, the main villain gets his noise broken by Superman and we see him bleeding from it. Later we see the same villain get stabbed by his own ship, which is falling apart. But his blood is green so it doesn’t look that bad and is only in like two panels.

And that covers all the negatives. I have to say that Superman Earth One is a cool read and could possibly be my favorite alternate universe superman (granted I haven’t read Justice League 3000 yet and some of the other AU supermen).
Wait there are comics about alternate universe?
Well yeah. It's a way of trying something different without messing up whatever is currently running.
Oh okay. I get it.
Cool now back to my thoughts. One of the reasons I do like it is that the author doesn't make Superman out to be like the Messiah  (as some superman authors do) But instead we see the struggle Clark has with being an incredibly powerful alien on a planet of weak humans. The artist does a great job at making Clark look distant (emotionally) from the other humans (i.e he never looks people in the eye as Clark), while the author makes you feel his distance from the people of earth. Another reason that I like it is because all the similarity’s it has with the Man of Steel movie (Yes I alluded to this earlier) which is one of my favorite superhero movies.
   But don’t let my opinion be the only opinion, if you read it and didn’t like it let me know what you personally didn't like about it.  if you liked it let me know what you personally liked about it.
And if you've never read a comic and want to, let me know if this comic seems like something you would like.
And until next time. Stay true to the King!

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  1. Great job on your review!! Although I'm not into comics, you made is sound very interesting.

  2. Awesome review! Aren't all the parallel universes just so confusing? Literally, DC and Marvel have some issues there. :P

    Love the wintery blog look :) Trying to make a header for my own and then do an extreme makeover XD

    1. It does get a little confusing at time. Especially when they don't title them right and your reading one and are like "What the heck? that didn't happen in the last comic!"

      Thank you! I woke up and was like "it's time for a little winter to hit my blog"
      I hope your "extreme makeover" goes smoothly


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