Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Day In Life Explained By Gifs Tag

      Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great day/week/month. Today I though I would do something a little different. So Nate Philbrick over at YouWriteFiction did this post titled "A Writers Life According to Star Wars". And he used gifs to explain the writers life (it was rather funny and if you haven't checked it out you should). So while I was reading his post I thought it would be fun to make a tag and call it  "ADayInLifeExplainedByGifs".

Hey Marrok didn't you already get tagged by Chole do to the snippets tag?

Oh yes I did. But since I'm not ready for that I decided to do this. So here are the rules:
  • Explain what an average day of life looks like for you (no need to divulge a ton of personal info, just the gist is fine)
  • Animated or live action gifs are okay (nothing inappropriate)
  • Tag at lest one other person
  • Exaggeration is fine
The main point of this tag is just random fun. See I have a ton and a half of gifs I would love to use but most don't fit into my post.

So this is basically a post dedicated to all your random gifs?

Basically. So without any more dilly dally lets get into it

                                                                        Wake up
                       Go for a run.. trying not to get hit by crazy drives
                                                         A little work-out after
                                                        Always eating healthy
                                                Typing up what I just studied

                                                                     Break time!
                                            Realizing an assignment is due
                                                             Back to work...
                                                               More studying...
                                                  Learning something NEW
                                         Being forced to take another break
Remembering an important assignment is due (its like getting hit by a... whatever that is)
                                                    Finally finished for the day
                              Remembering that nice book you didn't get to read
Bing way to tired to care anymore...

So I tag These Fine Bloggers.

Well that's all I have for you today. I pray you all have a wonderful day. Till Next Time, Stay True To The King! 

All pictures and Gif's used are not mine, all credit goes to the creators

Oh wait, I found this random gif and have no idea under what circumstances I would use it. But I still want to show you
 Oh yeah and there are two things I want to mention
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2) If you haven't check out this beta-reader call, Click Here It sounds like a cool story!

Okay that's all. Peace!


  1. Haha, I love that Kermit gif! XD
    Oh yeah, have you seen Nate Philbrick's other posts like the star wars one only with like, the Minions, or Winnie the Pooh? Those are funny too.
    Thanks for the tag - I'll work on my post!

    1. Yeah Kermit is a cool fog :D no i haven't, i guess I'll go looking for them! Thanks for accepting the tag, have fun!

    2. He is. XD
      I just posted mine. :)

    3. WOW that was fast! I'll check it out :D

    4. Haha yeah, I had some rare free time this morning, but knew I wouldn't later on today or tomorrow, so I hurried to get it done. XD

  2. Haha, these are awesome. And most of them are so true lol XD.
    Thanks for tagging me

    1. Haha it was fun putting them together. No problem. Thanks for accepting the tag!

  3. Haha that's so funny marrok! Looks about the same as my day minus the studying part lol. This is a cool tag! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Ashley! Thanks, I'm glad you found it funny! If you want to you can do it to :D Consider it an open tag

  4. *goes to start looking for gifs*

  5. XD I just cracked-up for like a minute straight! I think mine would have someone sitting on a bike-trainer (the indoor bikes) with their nose in a book--that's actually how I study sometimes! xD

    Cool tag and very amusing. Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. Glad you found it funny! So kind of like from the Extremely Goofy Movie? if memory serves we there is a scene where Goofy is studying while on a stationary bike

  6. Awesome. Hilarious. And freakily accurate of my life right now with all the studying... *sighs* In fact...I should probably go get in some more stuffing of facts into my brain before heading off to bed. *trudges off*

    1. Thanks! Totally know that feeling, hope your studying goes well!

  7. *snicker* Ahh, gifs will never fail to make me smile. They're so ridiculous. xD I loved this tag. :D

    (and I feel like I should hand over virtual support for all the studying you're doing. Ew.)

    katie grace
    a writer's faith


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