Saturday, January 28, 2017

Shadows of the Hersweald Cover Reveal!

Gather around my fellow clans-men and let me tell you of the news I hold... I have... ANOTHER COVER REVEAL!!! *Bellowing laughter*
Wait dude?! you just like just did a cover reveal last week and Yesterday you did a blog tour? What's up with you?
Yes I know... I kind of got carried away and signed up for them all :P but hey it's not like it's all on the same day. Anyways no more INTERUPTIONS! Let me finish...

Shadows of the Hersweald is the third novella in my Legends of Light series. It and retells the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel and I’m very excited to be sharing the cover with you all today.


A battered soldier from a defeated army, Haydn knows the only end to the arrival of the Prince’s governor is chains, followed by punishment and possible execution. Except he hasn’t counted on the Prince himself. Or the pardon which his recent foe has declared to acquit all those who fought against him.

A pardon Haydn detests.

A pardon that refuses to punish the rebels now threatening his own village. And his sister.

Guilt-ridden from his own actions during the war, Haydn knows there are others who have no conscience at all. Others who are using the freedom of the pardon to forward their own desperate schemes.

With enemies closing in on all sides, a pardon that refuses punishment for the rebellion, and nightmares of murder and fire hovering in the back of Haydn’s every thought, can he save the only ones left he cares about before it is too late?

And...I suppose I should actually show you the cover now. So, without more ado, here it is!


This fantasic cover was made by Hope's good friend who can be found by clicking here. (CLICK IT!)

Oh, and I have something else I've been looking forward to sharing. The book trailer for Shadows of the Hersweald!

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Until Next Time, Stay True to the King!


  1. Thanks for being part of my cover reveal! :)

    1. No problem! Thanks for holding it, it was a fun experience!


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