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Superman Earth One: Vol 2

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What Marrok? You decided to no something amazing like jump off the tallest building in the world with a wing suit?

Tempting but no...It’s time for another comic review!

Dude your first post of 2017 is going to be a comic review? really? How do you expect to grow as a blog if your first post of the NEW YEAR is a comic review? people are going to think you're a nerd and leave.

Yes, I am fully aware of that fact. But I have a schedule to keep. You can expect something Funny and different next Thor's day Thursday (hopefully, I make no promises). So today we will be taking a look at Superman Earth One Vol 2...

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oh well I just wanted to know where I can find your review of Vol 1

Oh well, it can be found by clicking this magical blue text HERE. Okay now that he is gone let’s get into our review

I give Superman Earth One Vol 2

Why only one claw? I thought you liked Vol 1?

I did, I really enjoyed Superman EO Vol 1 but Vol 2 isn’t nearly as nice as Vol 1.

Really why?

Well I feel like they messed it up, the story is okay but they put stuff in it that really didn’t need to be there. So here is what Superman Earth One Vol 2 is about.
             Clark is starting to fit in after defeating the Alien who tried to destroy the earth. The public still is unsure whether or not superman should be trusted or treated as a threat. While that is happing a new villain rears his ugly head, a man who seems to feeds off the energy of others like a Parasite. When Superman confronts the villain he soon finds out that even the Man of Steel is not immune to the energy sucking Parasite. Can Superman find a way to stop him? Or will the Parasite destroy the world with the power of Superman?
         Even though the story idea isn’t a bad one, and I do like to see Superman take on the Parasite, I felt disappointed in the writing of Vol 2.

Why? What happened?

Oh, let me tell you...

Swearing: Through his Graphic Novel, there are only 17 swear words use. 1 Da**, 2 Pis***, 5 blasphemes, and 9 Cra*.

Violence: we see a decapitated arm. People get their energy sucked out of them by the Parasite which leaves them looking like skeletons with skin. We see Ray (the Parasite before he changed into the Parasite) bit a kids ear who was bullying his little sister, we see blood as he bites the ear and blood on his lips after he bit the ear. We also Ray after he beat some guy to death with a bat. Blood is on the floor, the bat and Rays face.

Negative stuff: A girl in Clark’s apartment, whose name is Lisa, seems to like making sexual references and she says “s**y” like twice. We are told that a man working for Ray searched for porn, and kept videos of people getting killed. Clark's father Pa Kent has a talk with him about intimacy. An Air Force Piolet makes a Rude/Nasty comment. A man is seen by superman doing drugs and later dies from an overdose.

Avert scenes: Lisa comes out in her underwear as she tries to seduce Clark. She also changed his clothing after Clark passed out and makes a comment about him going “commando”. We later find out that Lisa is a prostitute. In the Postscript (which is like the last two pages of the Graphic Novel) it shows that Mr. and Mrs. Luther are in their birthday suits (we don’t see anything that is private but they show a lot of skin)(The Postscript could be totally skipped without affecting the story).

     Needless to say, there are somethings I differently didn’t like about it, which is sad because it was turning out to be a nice story. There are nice elements to the story.  Like Superman, even when he knows that Parasite could take away his power he still fights to save his friends. I like the story to a degree but I can’t really get past the things I didn’t like about it. Hopefully, Vol 3 will be better.


  1. Ugh, I hate it when they ruin the sequels :P

    I have noticed your new "WIP" ;-) It's a great time to work out some kinks (and your Twitter icon is just so creative! Do you design all these yourself?)

    1. Yeah, Vol 1 & 3 are pretty good just 2 is so.. "Ugh"

      Thank you! And yes I do design all these(I assume you mean the banners) myself

  2. I liked the review. Yay, I hate it when people add things that don't need to be there.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, and thanks for stopping by! Yeah it's a total bummer when people mess up a nice story


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